The Impact Of Diamond Rings On Bridal Jewellery – Part 1 (Engagement Rings)

One of the most common types of rings that comes to mind when you think of diamonds are engagement rings. No proposal would be complete without a diamond solitaire ring to present to your prospective bride to be. On your wedding day, the solitaire diamond ring was then joined by a solid band of precious metal, symbolizing your eternal bond in matrimony. Over the years, however, the role that diamonds play in bridal jewellery selections has expanded greatly.

Engagement Ring Trends

While solitaire diamond rings are still very common styles of engagement rings, the single stone design set within a plain band is no longer the only option. Even in modern rings that remain true to the solitaire stone tradition, the settings and bands themselves has reached a new level of detail, often incorporating unique shapes into the setting themselves or intricate and unique patterns or scroll work on the surface of the bands. Diamond rings with side stones, also called shoulder stones, are popular as well. This simple design includes one or more smaller stones set on each side of the larger center stone.

Coloured diamonds are another hot bridal trend, making its impact on engagement rings across the globe. These richly colored diamonds break the tradition of clear stones, adding mesmerizing colour tones to the ring fingers of brides to be.

Vintage inspired rings, or actual antique pieces, are also frequently being used as engagement rings. These styles of rings rarely feature solitaires stones unless they are set in extremely intricate settings. Usually, vintage or vintage inspired rings are distinguished by the unusual stone shapes and the arrangement of multiple stones together in unique patterns and designs.

Engagement ring trends, however, are just the beginning in a large number of diamond ring styles that have been inspired by, or become a part of, the bridal jewellery market.