Mother & Child Eternity Rings

A mother holding her child with a ring on

More and more consumers are realizing that diamond rings aren’t just for engagements anymore. Thanks to some clever marketing campaigns by the big boys in the industry, as well as consumer demand for diamond rings that aren’t necessarily part of the bridal jewellery market, the selection of dazzling diamonds for any occasion has increased dramatically. With Mother’s Day fast approaching, why not take the time to consider a mother and child ring?

Most mothers expect a visit or phone call on Mother’s Day, possibly a card in the mail, sometimes even a nice bouquet of flowers. While the sentiment may be sweet and the meaning behind the gifts genuine, why not pick this Mothers Day to surprise her with the gift of a diamond eternity ring?

While the eternity ring was designed to be a gift commemorating an anniversary or the birth of a child, why not break from tradition (or even create your own) and use this Mother’s Day as a way to present your mom an eternity ring to celebrate the gift of life she gave to you so many years ago.

Since the tradition of the eternity ring as a celebration of a child is still a rather recent one, most mothers with older children never had the chance to receive one. As her child, there’s no better time than the present.

You can opt for either a full or half eternity ring set with diamonds, or even choose to have her birthstone paired with yours within the ring. If you have siblings, the gift of an eternity ring is the perfect gift to give from all of you, providing additional birthstone colours to add to the ring to really make it sparkle.

There’s no reason the major diamond marketers should be the only ones able to set the tradition of which rings should be given on which occasions.

There is no better time than the present to begin creating your own family traditions either. While mom is most likely expecting a nice lunch out with her kids and a fragrant bunch of flowers to display proudly on her mantle for a few days, an eternity ring from her children is a gift that will last much, much longer and give her something to look at every day to remind how just how blessed she is to be a mother.

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