3 Tips to Look After Your White Gold Rings

Woman's hand wearing a white gold engagement ring

One of the most appealing things about white gold engagement rings is the eloquent beauty they possess. The way the sparkling diamond reflects off the silver-toned mirror-like surface of the metal makes it the perfect combination of style and elegance.

How to Care for White Gold Rings

In order to keep your white gold engagement ring looking its best though, you need to make some effort to take care of it and these tips will help to keep it looking amazing:

1. Buy the Correct Size

The first thing to do to make sure your white gold engagement ring will last is to make sure you are purchasing it in the right size.  Never shop for rings first thing in the morning, when your fingers are the least swollen.

A white gold engagement ring that fits just right in the morning may be impossible to get off come dinnertime.  On the contrary, never buy a ring in the evening hours.

If you fit a white gold engagement ring to your finger at night, it could be falling off by the next morning.  The best time to get fitted for a white gold engagement ring is around mid-day, preferably right after lunch.

By ensuring a proper fit for your new white gold engagement ring, you are eliminating the chance of the ring slipping off your finger, or being too uncomfortable to wear.

2. Cleaning Your Ring

Invest in a quality home jewellery cleaner for your white gold engagement ring.

By cleaning your ring on at least a weekly basis, you prevent any heavy build-up on the diamond, always allowing it’s full fir to shine through.

Drop in liquid cleaners work well, just make sure the one you are purchasing is indicated specifically for use with your white gold engagement ring.  Cleaning cloths are also fantastic and work in a snap.

3. Professional Cleaning

At least once a year, be sure to take your white gold engagement ring to a professional jeweller to be cleaned.

This will not only give your white gold engagement ring a detailed cleaning, the jeweller can also inspect the ring and check for any loose prongs or other repairs that may be needed to ensure the safety of the stone.

The jeweller may also recommend a re-plating with rhodium every other year in order to keep the white gold engagement ring looking it’s silvery best.

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