9 Things Never To Do While Wearing Diamond Rings

Gardening with a diamond ring on

Diamond rings are an important and often substantial investment and, therefore, taking care of them should be of the utmost importance.

Because of this, there are several things all owners of diamond rings should familiarise themselves with that should never be done while wearing their diamond rings in order to help better protect their investment and keep their diamond rings in tip top shape for years and even generations to come.

1. Doing the Dishes

Not only do kitchen drains and diamond rings have a long time hatred of one another, there are also several other reasons why your diamond rings should be removed or protected before attempting to do the dishes.  Most dish soaps contain a number of harsh chemicals and dyes that can not only harm the surface of the metals in your diamond rings, but can dull and scratch the finish of the diamonds themselves.

Not to mention the scouring sponges typically used when doing the dishes can pose potential harm to the surface of your diamond rings as well.  When conquering a sink full of dirty dishes or even just a few plates and cups, always play it safe and remove your diamond rings and place them somewhere safe until the dishes are all done.

If you would prefer to keep your diamond rings on, invest in a pair of heavy duty vinyl gloves to wear to protect your diamond rings.

2. Using Hand Soap

While you’re already near the sink, always take the time to remove your diamond rings when dealing with hand soaps as well.  The same dyes and chemicals can be found in ordinary hand soap as can be found in dish soaps so you’re better off removing your diamond rings before giving your hands a good cleaning as well.

Frequent hand washers may want to invest in a small jewellery dish to keep by the sink to safely place diamond rings in so the diamond rings will always have a safe home.

3. Bathing and Showering

It’s safe to assume that, like hand washing, bathing or showering should always be done without diamond rings.

The same additives that are present in hand soap are also present in body soaps, shampoos, and conditioners. Nt only can these chemicals strip away and scratch the surface of the diamond rings, they can also create residue build-ups on the surface of the stones in the diamond rings, causing them to quickly lose their lustre and shine.

4. Using Hand Lotions

The same goes for hand lotions and other oil based products such as face creams, suntan lotions, and moisturisers.

When applying items such as these, it is best to remove your diamond rings and then place them back on once the lotions have dried or the cremes have been rinsed off properly.

5. Applying Makeup

Women should also take care when applying make up as well. While it may not seem like a danger, loose powders from foundations, powdered eye shadows, and blushes are all dust like products that can accumulate on the surfaces of the stones in the diamond rings and quickly cause your stones to dull.

Liquid foundations and other liquid based makeup can also become lodged in the settings and detail work of diamond rings and create some nasty residue build-up. Make-up removers and facial cleaners can also contain various harsh chemicals which can cause damage to your diamond rings. For the most part, you’re better off keeping your diamond rings out of harms way for the majority of your beauty routine in the morning and evenings.

6. Moving from indoors to outdoors

with the warmer weather upon us, nothing takes the edge off a hot day better than a cool swim.

This is a definite no no however when wearing diamond rings. Whether in a swimming pool in the back yard or in the ocean, swimming is one activity that should be done without the accompaniment of your diamond rings.

Not only are the chemicals and other water content harmful to the surfaces of your diamond rings, the activity of swimming itself also creates a prime opportunity for diamond rings to become loosened and dislodge from the finger. If the diamond rings do happen to fall off while swimming, the chances of recovery are almost non-existent.

To be on the safe side, diamond rings should be left at home or placed somewhere safe before taking the plunge.

7. Gardening

Another popular pastime for the warmer months of the year is gardening and yard work.

These are two more activities that should never be done while wearing diamond rings for a number of reasons. Both activities ultimately involve exposure to dirt and yard debris which can become lodged into the settings of diamond rings. These activities may also involve exposing the diamond rings to various chemicals such as fertilisers which can damage the finish of the diamond rings, both of the metal and the diamonds themselves.

While gardening gloves can be worn to help protect the diamond rings from certain exposure, there is still the risk of impact that may result from various tools and other lawn equipment being used that can damage the diamond rings. Therefore, it is best to leave the diamond rings indoors someplace safe while working in the yard or garden in order to keep the diamond rings in top shape.

8. Playing Sports

Next up on the things never to do while wearing your diamond rings list is playing sports.

Playing sports can be highly physical in nature which is rarely a good thing to do while wearing diamond rings anyway. Sports also tend to involve high levels of physical contact which can also pose a danger to diamond rings.

The potential impact that can be caused to the diamond rings can not only loosen the stones in their settings, they can also cause the stones to be broken completely free from the diamond rings, resulting in a tragic loss. The heightened levels of physical activity that occur when playing sports also produce an abundance of sweat which is naturally mixed with a variety of dirt and oils form the body.

These excretions can build up on diamond rings and dull both the metal and the stones in the diamond rings, increasing the needs for more frequent cleaning of the diamond rings. When playing sports, diamond rings are better off left at home or in a locker until after the activity has been completed and you have had a chance to shower off.

9. Shopping for Diamond Rings

Believe it or not, one of the most important things you should never do while wearing your diamond rings is shop for new diamond rings (or other things)!

There are several reasons, in fact, why you should always leave your diamond rings at home when out browsing and shopping.

Security is a top priority for any retail jeweller and protecting their inventory of diamond rings is crucial to operating a successful business. At the same time, customer service is also a top priority. If customers come in wearing their own diamond rings and proceed to try on an assortment of new diamond rings, it may become difficult for the sales person to keep track of which diamond rings belong to the store and which diamond rings belong to the customer.

It can place a clerk in a very awkward position to try and sort out whose diamond rings are whose in front of the customer while also trying to maintain appropriate customer relations as well without trying to make it look like they are accusing the customer of stealing.

While this scenario may seem unlikely, many skilled jewel thieves use this precise tactic every day to steal diamond rings from retailers everywhere.

Most will walk into a retailer that carries high end diamond rings and keep the saes clerk busy by asking to try on several expensive diamond rings. Meanwhile, they will fumble with the diamond rings they are already wearing, which are typically fakes and cheap replicas.

When the clerk is distracted, they will pull a bait and switch with the diamond rings, replacing the high dollar diamond rings in the display case with the fakes they were wearing. If the clerk is not paying close enough attention, all they will see is that the display case has the necessary number of diamond rings in it when they place it back in the counter and won’t necessarily notice the fact that the thief has swapped one or more high dollar diamond rings for fake diamond rings.

In order to avoid suspicion of any kind, you’re always better off leaving your diamond rings at home when shopping for new diamond rings or jewellery of any kind.

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