18ct Gold vs Platinum: Which one to choose?

A gold ring and a platinum ring

Platinum and 18 carat gold are both beautiful as well as popular metals that are sought after for a variety of reasons. Both 18 carat gold and platinum have properties that are unique to each metal as well as a few similarities. They are two of the most common metals widely used for jewellery purposes.

Properties of 18 Carat Gold

18 carat gold is actually an alloy made by mixing 75 percent pure gold with 25 percent other metals. The designation of carat means that it has a purity ratio of 18 parts pure gold to 6 parts other metal. 18 carat gold is very malleable and is also highly resistant to oxidation.

Properties of Platinum

Platinum is a white metal that is used in a form that is 95 percent pure. It is much denser and harder than gold. It also has a heavier feel to it. Platinum is extremely durable and long lasting.

Gold and platinum wedding bands

Both 18 carat gold and platinum are precious metals that do not run cheap. Platinum, however, may be twice as expensive as gold.

18 carat gold can be found in either yellow or white varieties. Platinum is naturally white. Most white gold jewellery products are coated with a rhodium finish that can wear off over time and with extensive use. Should this happen, it can easily be fixed and recoated by a professional jeweler. Platinum should maintain its white color over the long run.

Uses for 18 Carat Gold and Platinum
Both 18 carat gold and platinum are commonly used for engagement and wedding rings or other dressy and nice rings. Many other pieces of jewellery such as earrings, bracelets, anklets, pendants, and necklaces can be found in either 18 carat gold or in platinum.

Safety Concerns
Neither platinum nor 18 carat gold should cause any allergic reactions to the skin. Allergic reactions typically only happen with metals of lesser purity of if there is a severe allergy to one of the alloys used in the metal.

Care and Cleaning
18 carat gold can be cleaned with most jewellery cleaning products. It doesn’t tarnish and is highly resistant to chemicals. Platinum can be cleaned with either jewellery cleaner or by soaking it in a solution of 50 percent ammonia and 50 percent warm water. Then rub it gently with a soft cloth. You should get your jewellery professionally cleaned about two times per year. A professional should always make adjustments or repairs.

Though both metals are durable, do not wear your 18 carat gold or platinum jewellery when you are using harsh chemicals or doing heavy labor with materials that could cause scratching or denting. Though strong, these metals are not indestructible.

When you’re not wearing your 18 carat gold or platinum jewellery, store the pieces in a jewellery box or protective bag such as a chamois.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing
If you’re trying to decide whether you should buy 18 carat gold or platinum, the first thing that you should know is that they are both precious metals with their own set of particular advantages and disadvantages.

First you need to consider your budget. Since platinum is quite a bit more expensive, the cost of 18 carat gold versus platinum will most likely be one of the factors in your decision. Consider the durability of both metals compared to your lifestyle and what the piece or pieces of jewellery will endure on a daily basis. Examine your existing pieces of jewellery to see whether 18 carat gold or platinum would be a more suitable match. Which color do you like better? Which one goes well with the styles of clothing and jewellery that you most often wear? Which metal do you like better?


Ultimately, the decision will be a matter of personal taste. Both 18 carat gold and platinum are high quality metals and you can’t go wrong with either one.

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