The Many Meanings of Eternity Rings

Eternity rings have long been revered as beautiful and undying symbols of devotion and love.

The most common recipients of these rings are the sweethearts and wives of men wishing to tell their dear ones just how much they are appreciated and treasured. Although the common thread among eternity rings is love, it has also been shown that the exact meaning can vary depending on the individual and on the couple.

So what is an eternity ring?

An eternity ring generally consists of circles of metal, typically made of precious metals such as white gold, yellow gold, or platinum. Along with the beautiful metal, the rings typically contain stones either halfway or all the way around the circumference of the ring.

The stones that are most often used in the rings are diamonds although they can be any number of different semi-precious or precious stones. Eternity rings are commonly used in wedding bands although they are also wonderful anniversary gifts and can be given really at any wonderful and momentous moment in a person or couple’s life.

Wedding eternity rings are designed in order to symbolize the never-ending circle of both life and love. They consist of a continuous circle of metal that is unbreakable and everlasting. It is because of this that many people purchase eternity wedding bands in the correct size so that they don’t have to be resized after purchase. Purchasing the ring in its intended and required size means that the ring does not have be cut and reshaped. In short, the eternity band can remain as it is, unchanged and unbroken.

Because diamond is an incredibly strong substance, diamonds themselves are a wonderful symbol of eternity as they are incredibly durable and last practically forever. Because they are such precious and long-lasting gems, the diamond has been used for centuries to symbolize unwavering and undying devotion, love, fidelity, partnership, commitment, and friendship.

Diamonds are also able to represent the coming future and act as a promise of an eternal life of closeness and togetherness. When these gems are used in the making and giving of eternity rings, they can represent all of the above meanings in a continuous and eternal circle, thus magnifying the meaning of the diamond itself. The eternity ring accomplishes this by encircling the finger with never-ending beauty and a symbol of devotion that will never end.

Eternity rings are given to the loved ones of those who wish to provide their sweetheart with a token of just how loved and appreciated they are. As such, these rings are typically reserved for occasions and moments in a couple’s life that are marked with particular love. In the life of a loving couple, there are no end to such special days.

These can include engagements, wedding days, the day a child is born, anniversaries, Valentine’s Days, adversities that were successfully overcome together, and the day the couple buys their first house.

The meaning that each couple gives to eternity rings makes the ring even more special and will ensure that the woman will treasure the symbol for the rest of her lifetime. Not only will be the ring be treasured for itself, creating a personal meaning will ensure that the woman to whom it is given will remember it with all the more love. As such, this ring will remain a part of the giver and recipient’s family as a beloved heirloom.

In short, these rings can have any number of different meanings depending upon the couple and their love for one another.

Keep in mind, however, that all eternity rings should have a particular meaning and symbolize an aspect of the couple’s relationship.

Whether the occasion being celebrated is an engagement, marriage, child’s birth, anniversary, or other special event, eternity rings are able to define an event and capture the specialness of the moment. In this way, eternity rings can capture the moment forever in a sacred bond that will last forever as will the circlet of stones on the ring.

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