Introducing Synthetic (Man Made) Diamond Rings

A diamond ring in a machine

Also known as synthetic, man made diamond rings now offer many positive aspects to consumers like great quality, beautiful colour and clarity.

For some synthetic diamonds, it has become almost impossible to tell the difference when compared to real diamond rings.

With a wide array of synthetic diamond rings available on the market, it will take a little knowledge and research to discover the possibilities that man-made diamonds have to offer.

First, it is best to understand the science behind how diamonds are made so you know exactly what you are buying. Below is information on synthetic diamond making companies and the process it takes to make these beautiful stones.

Making Synthetic Diamonds

To create synthetic diamond rings, diamond companies and labs use several technological methods that involve two methods, HPHT, High Pressure/High Temperature and CVD, Chemical Vapor Deposition. HPHT is widely used due to its low cost and uses huge amounts of pressure and extremely high temperature to make cultured diamond rings. This method is sometimes used to enhance or change the colour of some diamond rings as well.

The CVD method takes carbon plasma upon a substrate where carbon atoms are deposited to form diamonds large and small. There are other methods which use explosive formation and sonication to produce man-made diamonds, however, these processes are not as cost effective.

Companies like Nexus Labs and Gemesis usually take up to a week to make a large synthetic diamonds. For the cost, which is much less, synthetic diamonds really offer high-quality diamond rings with large stones that weigh several carats. Often, the term cultured diamond is used when referring to synthetic diamonds.

When being graded by the GIA (Geological Institute of America), synthetic diamonds do get certifications in cut, clarity, colour, and carat just like the real ones. So the next time you are thinking of purchasing diamond rings, consider man-made, especially if you want a lot of bling for your buck.

The Difference Between a Man-Made and Natural Diamond

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