Jacqueline Kennedy’s Emerald Jewellery

The week before last, we look at the love affair between the late Elizabeth Taylor and her stunning rubies.  Since this week is all about emeralds, we wanted to turn our attention to another equally beautiful woman who had a fondness for the glistening green gemstones, the late Jacqueline Kennedy.

Where It All Began

Jackie Kennedy Engagement RingIt was the Summer of 1953 when John F. Kennedy presented Jacqueline Bouvier with an emerald and diamond engagement ring that would go down in history as one of the most spectacular of its kind.

The gorgeous engagement ring featured a 2.84-carat emerald beautifully set a 2.88-carat diamond accented with sparkling tapered Baguette Cut diamonds.

In the Fall of that same year, Jacqueline Bouvier would become Jacqueline Kennedy, future first lady and fashion icon.

To further enhance the beauty of her emerald engagement ring, the ring was reset in 1962 and included over 2 additional carats of both round cut and marquise cut diamonds, giving it the signature look it is still known for today.

The Love Affair Continues

Emerald Anniversary RingWhile Jackie Kennedy’s emerald engagement ring was perhaps her most famous emerald piece in her collection, it was by no means her only one.

To celebrate their ten year anniversary, her husband presented her with yet another stunning emerald piece, a dazzling emerald eternity ring, featuring ten beautiful green emeralds, one for each year they had been married.  The ring was set in stunning yellow gold and showed, once more, that Jackie had a special place in her heart for it.

The Dazzling Drop Suite

Emerald Drop SuiteAside from her emerald studded bridal jewellery pieces, Jackie Kennedy also owned one of the most astounding emerald and diamond drop suites as well.

This beautiful set consisted of a necklace, bracelet, and earrings, all set in yellow gold and featuring the beauty of green emeralds and dazzling diamonds.

The earrings were a stunning pair of Pear shaped emeralds which hung from two beautiful Round Cut emeralds, all of which were surrounded by dazzling white diamonds.  Both the necklace and bracelet featured even more rich green emeralds set with stunning diamond accents and diamond clusters.  This is not only the stunning jewellery set she wore to her husband’s Inaugural Ball, but it was also one of her most prized possessions, one which she was frequently seen wearing to other formal events as well.

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