How to Wear Small & Simple Diamond Earrings

A pair of diamond stud earrings

Sometimes one of the hardest things about buying new fine jewellery is deciding how to wear them and on which occasions would be best to wear your new bling.

Many consumers also have the same problem finding the best time to wear pieces they already own, leaving many stunning diamonds and gems left untouched or looked over in jewellery boxes.

Well we’re here to help and, for starters, we’re going to help your brush off your diamond earring collection, or get you in the mood to browse for a new pair or two, and show you some of the best ways (and times) to wear the most common styles on the market today.

How to Wear Classic Diamond Stud Earrings

landing_studsAll of the styles of diamond earrings on the market, the classic stud design is by far the most common and generally the easiest to wear.

Diamond studs are often comprised of single stones in a solitaire design, although smaller clusters with multiples stones can be seen frequently as well.

They are simple and sophisticated and perfectly suited for nearly any environment, from professional to casual.  Even offices with the strictest dress codes generally allow for solitaire or small cluster diamond earrings to be worn in the workplace.

The simple design of this style of diamond earring also make them easy to pair with nearly any outfit as they tend to provide a subtle amount of sparkle without risk of being too overpowering.

Another beauty of the classic stud design is that it not only works well on its own, it is also quite easy to pair with a number of other diamond earring styles as well.

For those of you with multiple piercings in each ear, you have the option of pairing diamond studs in multiple pairings with graduated sizes down the ear, or with other earrings styles, such as hoops or drops.  The studs act as the perfect piece for the higher holes, adding extra sparkle without creating a look that is too cumbersome.

How to Wear Stylish Diamond Hoop Earring

landing_hoopsOf course, simple diamond hoop earrings can be just as versatile as the classic diamond stud.

The key is to keep the hoops on the smaller scale when a more professional look is desired.  Wider hoops are generally fine in smaller diameters, while slightly larger hoops can often be incorporated into an outfit as long as they are on the narrower side.

Like diamond studs, some diamond hoop designs also work well in multiple pairs, with graduated sizes being worn for a unique look.  The trick is to make sure the overall look being produced is still sleek and streamlined without being too overpowering.  Ideally, the goal is to frame the face and draw attention to your natural features, not distract from them with diamond earrings that may be too bulky, particularly when accessorising for day wear.

Check back soon as we take a closer look at some popular diamond earrings styles that are ideal for glamming up your evening attire.  In the meantime, take a look at some of the stunning diamond stud earings that Purely Diamonds has to offer or see the amazing selection of diamond hoops.

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