Should You Really Surprise Them With An Engagement Ring?

A man proposing to a surprised woman in the sunset

The traditional marriage proposal consists of a gentleman dropping down on one knee in front of his beloved and asking for her hand in marriage, jewellery box in hand, with a glistening diamond engagement ring waiting to be placed on the bride to be’s finger once she has accepted.

Of course, with the modern world being what it is, most marriage proposals don’t necessarily fit into the traditional scenario and new proposal traditions are being created and forged every day.

With these new methods of entering into a marriage, also comes the ongoing question of whether or not it is still a good idea for the engagement ring to be a surprise.  Here are a few reasons why we think it shouldn’t…….


For Better or For Worse……

Most marriage vows include some reference to ‘for better or for worse’ but we all know it’s much easier to get through the ‘for better times’.  The same rule really applies to an engagement ring as well.

You may think you know your future spouse in and out and will be able to pick the exact engagement ring of their dreams, there is always the chance that you just may not get it right.

While the element of surprise that comes along with a traditional proposal is nice, wouldn’t it be nicer to skip the surprise and rest easy knowing that your intended will be able to get the picture perfect engagement ring they’ve always wanted?

Less Guess….Less Stress….

perfect proposal clip art[1]Many people say one of the hardest parts of the pre-proposal routine isn’t working up the nerve to actually ask the question, but rather the stress involved with trying to select the best engagement ring.

By skipping the surprise, you not only ensure your partner will eventually get the perfect ring but you’re also saving yourself a great deal of stress in the process, eliminating all the guesswork involved during the shopping process.

We’d say that alone makes it well worth making the selection process a joint effort rather than a solo endeavour.

Finding The Perfect Fit

Engagement RingWhile it may seem like a small detail, it is a crucial one.  Nothing can ruin a proposal more than trying to place a diamond engagement ring on your true love’s finger and having ti not fit properly.

Well, we suppose a rejected proposal would be worse but we’re going into this assuming you’re going to get the answer you’re looking for!

Anyway, all of the pieces of jewellery someone will ever own, the fit of their engagement ring and wedding ring is the most important.  Since the ring will generally be worn on a daily, if not constant basis, a proper fit is everything.

  • A ring that is too small will be extremely uncomfortable on the finger, not to mention the fact that some engagement rings cannot easily be sized up, making it even more vital to get the fit right to begin with.
  • On the other hand, a ring that is too big can easily slip off, making the chances of losing the ring quite high, not a wise idea for such a pricey investment.

And there you have it……three simple reasons why you may want to rethink your proposal strategy and let the engagement ring selection process be something you take on as a couple.

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