Unique Ring Boxes

So you’ve decided that you want to propose. Congratulations!

After spending hours, looking at various ring designs and deciding on the perfect engagement ring for your partner, you’ll need a box to put it in. That’s why we’ve taken a look into the most unique ring boxes we could find and how you can incorporate them into your proposal.

Book Ring Box

If your partner is an avid reader and loves books then this could be the ideal proposal for them. Instead of using a traditional ring box why not hollow out a section of a book to place the ring in, or create a personalised fairy tale for them instead?


When your partner opens up the book they’ll be shocked to see that there’s actually a ring inside the book instead of the usual pages! So romantic!

Film Fan Ring Box

With global success, many films and TV shows have gained a huge fan following. What a better way of proving your love to your special someone than by proposing to them with a ring box in the style of their favourite movie or TV show?


Your partner will love it and you’ll gain a unique piece of memorabilia that you can keep forever.

Food ring box

Who doesn’t love food? Not only is it delicious but it is also a unique way to propose. You just have to make sure that your partner doesn’t eat the ring by accident!


Another benefit is that you can tailor the food to the country you are proposing in. For example, macarons if you are proposing in Paris.

Disney Ring Box

Everyone wants a fairytale story, even if they don’t admit it! For those who do admit it and who love all things Disney these will be the perfect ring boxes for them.


From Belle’s rose to the house in UP, there are plenty of options to choose from, which are guaranteed to get you that all important ‘Yes.’

Christmas Ring Box

With Christmas fast approaching, anyone planning to propose should already be thinking about which ring to buy, but have you ever considered using a Christmas decoration or tree to propose with, rather than using a traditional box?


It’s very romantic and the extra effort will be rewarded.

Credit: Themodelmaker.net, project-nerd, cdn.supadupa.me, i.ytmg, etsy, brides magazine, pinterest.

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