Guide to Matching Your Wedding & Engagement Ring

A couple with matching wedding and engagement rings

Wedding season is fast approaching, which means that if you are engaged, you and your partner will be thinking about getting a wedding band. Deciding which ring to go for, that’s the tricky part.

Should you go for a traditional band, an eternity ring, a band that matches the engagement ring or ‘couples’ rings? There are so many choices, but which one is right for you? 

Matching the wedding band to the engagement ring

The engagement ring and wedding ring should compliment each other. When matching the band you should consider the style, metals and proportions of the engagement ring as well as the lifestyle of you and your partner.


The best way to match a wedding band to an engagement ring is to use the same metal colours for each. Of course, you don’t have to do this, particularly if the engagement ring comprises of two metal colours, it is just the best way to ensure you have the perfect match.



In general it is best to go for a wedding band that is smaller than the engagement ring. That way the band can nestle perfectly below the ring. If the engagement ring is larger you can go for a slightly bigger band.

If your engagement ring has detailing on it you should choose a wedding band with similar styling so that it doesn’t clash. 



Does the engagement ring contain a gemstone? Again, you don’t want a wedding band that will clash.  So no matter how great you think a band full of pink sapphires will look, if you pair it with an emerald or ruby engagement ring you might not feel the same way, save it for an anniversary gift instead!


Plain Band vs Eternity Ring

If the engagement ring is modest and doesn’t have the ‘bling’ factor, matching it with a wedding band full of stones will enhance the look of the ring. If the engagement ring already has a lot of sparkle it may be better to go for a plain band so as not to draw attention away from it. 



If you or your partner have a job or take part in activities where your rings can get damaged or lost it would be better to go for a plain band rather than an eternity ring full of diamonds.

Or perhaps the engagement ring is not actually worn on a day-to-day basis, in which case matching the wedding band to it should not be an issue.


Couples Rings

Not every man wears a wedding band, but if you would like to and choose to go for ‘His & Hers’ bands it would be advisable to shop together so that you can find a band that you both love. When choosing couples rings you still have to bear in mind the engagement ring.

There’s no point in buying a wedding bang with a bold design and lots of detailing if it’s just going to overshadow the engagement ring.


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