Wedding Ring Etiquette- Part 2

Many people ask what the tradition is surrounding how to wear your wedding ring properly, and the answer is there is no right or wrong way.

Should I wear my engagement ring on my wedding day?

Some women opt not to wear their engagement ring at all on their wedding day, whilst others will move their engagement ring to the ring finger on their right hand during the ceremony so that their wedding band will not be surpassed.

This tends to be the most popular option for brides on their wedding day. Not only will you know your ring is safe, but it is also a brilliant opportunity to get some great shots of your rings together.


Where should I wear my wedding ring after we’re married?

This is down to the preference of the wearer. Most women will move their engagement ring back to the ring finger on their left hand after the ceremony. The wedding ring tends to be worn below the engagement ring as it means it is closer to the heart.

Some women decide to wear their engagement ring only, and others will choose to wear just their wedding ring. There are even women who select to move their engagement ring to their middle finger, so that the wedding band is left solely on their ring finger.


Should my wedding band match my engagement ring?

There are so many choices when it comes to buying the perfect wedding band.


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