National Proposal Day

National Proposal Day is fast approaching, but you may be wondering, where did the idea of this day actually come from?

National Proposal Day occurs each year on the 20th March in the UK. It is not as well known as other romantic holidays (i.e. Valentine’s Day), but it is still, quite literally, the perfect day to pop the question.

The tradition of National Proposal Day allegedly came about decades ago after a man named John Michael O’Loughlin, watched his cousin wait for years for her boyfriend propose, and then watched her eventually move on when he still didn’t ask her.

O’Loughlin said National Proposal Day is designed to be a day where couples who are yet to get engaged, but who really should be, will hopefully be forced to have a conversation about where their future is going.


You may be thinking, ‘why is National Proposal Day on the 20th March?’ Apparently it is because it is the first day of spring. Perhaps this is symbolic for the start of something new.

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