10 Tips to Save You Money On Your Wedding Day

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The average cost of a wedding in the UK is £20,500. For some this might seem like a stretch, which is why we have put together the top 10 tips for saving money at your wedding.  This means that you can still have an incredible day, without having to break the bank!

Propose on a Weekday

Proposing on a weekday is becoming increasingly popular. Why is this? It’s because venues offer a reduced hire fee for mid-week bookings, allowing you to spend more on everything else!


Cut Down The Guest List

Cutting down the guest list is always a tricky thing to do as you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings in the process. When cutting down the guest list you have to think about whether you really need that person there. Do you really need your mother’s, brother-in-law’s, great aunt Sally who you barely know at your special day? If the answer is no, remove them from the list and you will have one less person to feed.


Food & Drink

Instead of a three-course individually plated sit down banquet, why not opt for a buffet instead? It can still be a sit down meal, but you will save money by not having to have as many staff to provide a table service. You can also save money on the drinks by having a pay bar and a limited number of free reception drinks per guest.



Instead of spending money on two sets of postage for both the Save the Date cards and the Invitations instead you should send the Save The Date Cards out via email. Or, if you really want to save on costs, you can do this with your invitations too. Just make sure that you have the correct email addresses!



Giving favours to each individual guest can become quite costly. Alternatively you can make a donation to a charity, who in return will give you a badge or seeds for each of your guests to wear or plant. If you would like to give something edible as a favour, there are plenty of low cost individual chocolate boxes that you can give instead.


Photographer & Videographer

Do you have a friend that is handy with a lens?  Perhaps they can be your photographer for the wedding instead of hiring an external company? If they don’t give it to you as a wedding present, we’re sure they will give you a discount!


Wedding Cake

Rather than spending a lot of money on a beautiful three-tiered wedding cake, opt for pretty cupcakes, or doughnuts instead. You can even use the wedding cake as favours to save money there.



Flowers tend to take a huge chunk out of a wedding budget. Rather than hiring a florist to arrange them for you, create your own bouquets and wedding flowers instead by using in season flowers that are grown locally. Or, if you would like flowers that are grown further afield, you can go to the flower market where you can buy them directly from the traders, and then arrange the bouquets yourself.


Wedding Car

No matter how much you would love to hire a vintage car, unless you are very lucky, it will put a massive dent in your wedding budget. To minimise costs why not get a luxury taxi instead? It will be more expensive than the average taxi, but will cost a lot less than hiring a town car.


Bridal Outfit

Last, but by no means least is our tip on how to save money on your bridal outfit. When it comes to finding a low budget dress, simple is best. The more detailing there is on a dress, the more expensive it becomes. You should also try to avoid accessorising your outfit. By avoiding the add-ons you will lower the cost of the overall outfit.

Another way to cut costs is to buy your wedding dress from a high street store. They are equally as beautiful and you can get them for a fraction of the price.


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