How to entertain your wedding guests on your big day

Wedding days can be long so it’s hardly surprising that you may get the odd yawn from a guest here or there. That is why we’ve come up with some of the best ways to ensure that your guests never get bored.


Unless you have a speech that is hilarious and will have guests in stitches for the next 30 minutes it is better to keep speeches short and sweet. speech

Free Bar

This is one of the best ways to ensure your guests have fun. We aren’t saying that you have to break the bank, but nothing livens up a party like a free drink. What could possibly go wrong? speech


This one is very important. Before booking, you need to make sure that your DJ or band are able to assess the crowd.  Your 90-year-old Grandma probably won’t want to dance the night away to a Rihanna song, but at the same time your friends would probably prefer something more modern than Elvis. A great way to get the balance right and to make sure that everyone is having fun is to ask all of your guests to request a song each when rsvp-ing to their invitations. That way, everybody is happy!


Bouncy Castle & Garden Games

Ok, we know that they are meant for children, but who can resist a go on a bouncy castle? It is great fun and the perfect way to get everyone involved. Garden games are ideal too as they provide a range of activities for guests to enjoy.


Photo-booths are a fantastic addition to a wedding. They are suitable for every age, and we can guarantee that everyone will enjoy it. Especially if you have great props; the funnier the props the more fun you guests will have.


Evening food, food trucks and sweet tables


As we’ve mentioned before weddings tend to take place over a long period of time, and despite feeding your guests throughout the day it is surprising how many will be hungry again later in the evening. Food trucks and sweet tables are a brilliant way to feed your guests because they can help themselves to what they want.


speech If you want the day to end with a ‘bang’ how better to do it than with fireworks! Accompany this with sparklers and every one will be entertained (plus it will make a great photo).

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