First Anniversary (Paper) Gift Ideas

It is said that the first year of marriage is the hardest.

Perhaps this is because there is a lot of change that you both need to adjust to. From changing your last name to deciding whether you should share your finances to getting used to living together (if you didn’t before) there is a lot to consider in that first year of marriage and for some it is harder than others.

It is no surprise then that paper is the gift for your first year anniversary. Although all speculative, it is thought that paper symbolises a clean slate for you both to make your mark upon. You are now free to write your future together.

Paper also represents the fragility of the first year of marriage. You are experiencing a lot of new ‘firsts’ and some may be harder to deal with than others. Paper rips easily so suggests that your married life is in the ‘delicate’ stages. As the years go on the gifts to symbolise anniversaries become a lot more lavish, for example gold for 50 years together and diamond for 60 years. Diamonds are one of the hardest materials and symbolise that the marriage becomes stronger over time.

You may be wondering how to give the gift of paper in a unique and creative way, which is why we have put together some personalised ways to give paper on your first anniversary.

Personalised Book


 Paper Illustration


Map to Your Heart






Message In a Bottle


Love Notes


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