Second (Cotton) Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

The tradition of giving a particular gift on a certain anniversary dates back to Roman times. Well known years include the first as paper, 25th as silver and 30th as pearl, but what if you want to mark your second wedding anniversary? A couple’s second year of marriage is celebrated with a gift of cotton. This is because cotton symbolises the need for the marriage to stay strong, as well as for it to have the ability to adapt to change.

Some people have trouble finding a unique and personalised cotton anniversary gifts to give their loved one so we have provided a variety of second-anniversary gift ideas in this helpful guide.

Second wedding anniversary gift ideas: Cotton

  1. Kitchen accessories
  2. Personalised pair of socks 
  3. Cushion covers 
  4. Fluffy towels 
  5. Framed cotton canvas
  6. Cotton handkerchief
  7. New bedding 

Items for the kitchen

The possibilities are boundless when it comes to cotton items for the kitchen. If you’re buying for a household of tea lovers, a personalised tea cosy would be a thoughtful gift. Aprons adorned with the surname/s of the couple would be well received, or even personalised fabric shopping bags for the environmentally conscious among us. Other options include tea towels and oven gloves – think about opting for colours honouring the wedding theme or flowers for an extra thoughtful touch.


Personalised Socks

For a fun second wedding anniversary gift, why not opt for personalised socks? The great thing with these as they are likely to be inexpensive and can act as a quirky addition to a larger gift and at the same time ticking off the cotton aspect of the present. 


Cushion Covers

A personalised cushion is a fabulous keepsake, whether it lives on your bed or is a decorative addition to a chair. What the cushion is personalised with relies totally on the preference and character of the couple. An understated, simple date of the wedding stitched in a corner of the cushion may strike the ideal tone with certain couples, while something larger may suit others. 



Whether you want to use them, or keep the towels for display purposes, a quality fluffy and personalised towel is a fabulous idea for a cotton wedding anniversary gift. Either way, folded into shelving or draped over a rail, they will be a wonderful decorative addition to a bathroom. 


Cotton Print in a Frame

A cotton print mounted in a frame is a fantastic idea as this is likely to be sentimental. Your options are extremely broad with this. You could go for a personal message, the details of the wedding day, a poem, song lyrics, a timeline of the relationship or even a map of places travelled. There are so many possibilities to create a beautiful thoughtful gift.



If you’re the creative type, this might be the perfect opportunity to buy plain handkerchiefs and reach for the needle and thread to create something truly personal. If embroidery isn’t your strong suit, don’t worry, there are many places where you can have something created on your behalf. 



While it may sound like something that’s not necessarily special, how often do you actually treat yourself to good quality bedding? If the last time you updated the covers was with the gifts you received as part of your wedding list, then this is the ideal time. Select something you both like, or if you’re buying for a couple, find something of great quality for the ideal cotton anniversary gift.

Of course, if you like the thought of gifting diamond jewellery, the ideal way to incorporate this with cotton is by presenting the jewellery in a delicate drawstring cotton bag. If you’d like to add an extra special touch, perhaps consider getting the bag personalised. 

We hope our collection of ideas for cotton gifts for a second wedding anniversary has given you the inspiration to purchase the perfect present. Whatever you choose, it’s the thought and sentiment behind any gift that’s truly appreciated.

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