Fourth Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas: Flowers and Linen

Wedding anniversaries are occasions to be treasured and celebrated and while some are considered more noteworthy than others, it’s important to mark the day each year.

Many people know the gifts associated with ‘milestone’ anniversaries – such as paper for the first year and silver for the 25th, but what is the fourth wedding anniversary symbol? 

Fourth wedding anniversary symbol

Traditionally flowers and fruit were given as a fourth anniversary present to represent how the marriage is blossoming. Today, it is more common to give linen for your fourth anniversary. This is because the material is very absorbent and represents the ability to soak up any issues that may arise.

Fourth wedding anniversary gemstone

If you’re looking to purchase jewellery for your other half, the gemstone for a fourth anniversary is Blue Topaz. This vibrant gemstone represents strength and intelligence and this should reflect your relationship – a thoughtful and symbolic gift for your partner.

Now you know what the traditional and symbolic gifts for a fourth wedding anniversary are, we’re here to help inspire you. If you cannot think of what to buy, we’ve gathered some unique and creative ideas that your partner will love.

Personalised Love Note


This idea can incorporate more than one of the traditional symbols. For a first wedding anniversary you would write a love note on paper, but for the fourth you could take a piece of linen and embroider a note on there. If you feel comfortable with a needle and thread, embellishing the linen with some flowers would be a personal and traditional touch.

If you don’t feel confident with your sewing skills, you could ask around for help from family and friends or possibly employ the help of a professional embroidery service.

Organise a romantic picnic in a shared special place, or a meal at your favourite eatery and exchange your thoughtful gifts – this is sure to strike the perfect tone.

Bouquet of Flowers


Flowers are always a lovely gift to receive, and falls in with tradition on fourth wedding anniversary. To go the extra mile and create a special bouquet for your partner, try and replicate your wedding flowers. 

Look back over your treasured photographs and create a replica flower collection from that. Or if you’re employing the help of a florist, take a photograph to show them what you’re looking for and watch them work their magic!

Couple this gift idea with a homemade candlelit meal and your other half is sure to feel adored.

Love Story Timeline


Life is busy and can be hectic, so it’s understandable that you get caught up in the day to day without allowing time to stop and reminisce. This is why putting together a timeline of your love story is an incredible idea. Tracing the milestones in your relationship from the start to the present day is a lovely thing you can do together.

Have your timeline printed on a lovely piece of linen and frame it safely to be treasured. Exchange gifts and share a bottle of your favourite wine while recounting the highs and lows of your time together.

Floral scented candle


This idea is perfect if your partner loves lighting candles to relax of an evening. Tying in with the traditional gift of flowers, floral scented candles can be a fabulous present. As with the bouquet, try and find candles scented with the same flowers as you had on show at your wedding. 

If you had big beautiful bouquets of roses on your special day, attempt to find candles scented with roses to add a thoughtful touch to your anniversary gift.

Hanging sign


If you’d like to get hands on with making a gift then why not create a hanging sign displaying a heartfelt message? Use linen as the base for your sign and use either a needle and thread or try out a printing kit for your text. 

Alternatively, if you don’t feel comfortable doing this, then employ the help of a professional embroiderer or look around on Not on the High Street or Etsy for something to be made bespoke for you. No matter what you choose, the thought and message behind this gift will ensure it’s a special surprise.

Fruit basket


This is the ideal present to send a couple on their fourth anniversary and nods to a long-standing tradition. To add a gorgeous finishing touch you could even wrap a pretty linen material around the handle of the basket. Make sure you know if either of the couple have any food allergies before putting your gift together! 

Of course, if you’re feeling as though you’d like to collate these gifts, that’s a lovely idea. You can group together two or more of these ideas to create an incredible present. Why not opt for a love note with flowers and candles? All gifts are filled with thoughtful touches and together they make something really special. 

We hope you’re now feeling inspired for fourth wedding anniversary gift ideas – take a look through our blog for other fabulous tips.

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