What to Write in Wedding Thank You Cards

Now you’ve experienced the most wonderful day of your life, you’ll have realised all the hard work and wedding admin was very much worth the effort. Of course, the admin doesn’t come to an end after your special day, as once you’ve opened the generous gifts from your guests it’s time to write your thank you cards.

This can be a difficult task to undertake because it’s often hard to find the words for how grateful you are to your loved ones for their overwhelming generosity. There are some simple steps you can take to make this process much easier, and we’re here to help with our wedding thank you card ideas.

A wedding thank you card with gold lettering

Getting started: important things to know

Whether you open your gifts before or after you return from your honeymoon, ensure you make a list of who gave you what as you open them. Along with this, you should also start writing your thank you notes so you have something to work from and can tailor a personal message to each guest.

Writing and distributing your thank you cards should be done no later than three months after the wedding date. Reply to every gift (even if you receive some at a later date) in a timely fashion.

Things to keep in mind when writing wedding thank you cards

Even though the most important aspect is the gratitude you’re conveying, there’s quite a lot to consider when it comes to a wedding thank you card. 

The first thing to address is the kind of card you opt for. Are you waiting for some of your photography to come through to use that or are you keeping in line with the theme you’ve used for the rest of your stationery? 

For instance, if your wedding was a brightly coloured event, then try not to go for a plain thank you card, and vice versa. 

Another aspect to keep in mind is to try not to be too formal. It can be difficult when you’re writing something such as a thank you note on luxurious card because that feels quite formal. However, remember you’re speaking to friends and family, so keep it personal.

We’ve already mentioned that the act of saying thank you is the most important part of sending a card, so don’t go over the top when it comes to spending. Personalised touches make thank you cards look great and a tailored, sentimental message inside the card enhances the thank you even further.

Thank you card wedding with flowers

Three key aspects of wedding thank you cards 

Here are our three key ways to make writing a wedding thank you card a success:

  1. In the past it has been traditional for the thank you cards to be written by the Bride. However, today it is more common for the Bride and Groom to write thank you letters together.Not only will this help to keep the tone neutral between you, it’s also a lovely first combined task to carry out as a married couple.
  2. Each thank you card should be warm and personal, this means that they should be handwritten, not typed. Invest in a quality writing pen – you possibly even still have the one you bought for your invitations – and take the time and care to write everything by hand.Make sure your messages aren’t generic and are tailored to each guest and the gift they gave you.
  3. Ensure you open each message by thanking your guests for sharing your special day with you and your partner. To make each thank you card personalised, make sure that you also mention the gift as well as what you will use it for.You should also try and include personalised details such as a photo of you with the guest the card is for, or mention what you loved about seeing them on your big day. Close the message with personalised well wishes.

wedding thank you cards

An alternative to thank you cards

If you’re looking for an alternative to thank you cards, first think about whether this is something that will match your personalities. 

If you’re a creative couple then a thank you video could be a lovely touch – keep in mind that unless you’re making individual videos (which may not be feasible) this could fall down on having a personal tone. 

If a quirky idea fits in with your wedding theme then think outside the box for things such as thank you coasters. 

Whatever you opt for, aim for a personal touch and make sure it’s a timely response for your guests. 

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