Unique Anniversary Gift Ideas – Presents from the Heart

An anniversary gift and flowers

There’s so much truth in the phrase “it’s the thought that counts” – especially when it comes to anniversary gifts. No pressure or anything, but when it comes to celebrating the milestones of your relationship, you’ll want a gift that speaks to who you are as a couple, as well as individuals. It should be something that shows your partner that you pay attention to all their quirks, passions and desires, and that you honour and celebrate them but also you should try to find unique anniversary gift ideas to stand out from the crowd.

It’s not always the easiest task, especially if you’re not one for spending hours and hours browsing through shops or web pages. But no worries – here’s a break-down of truly unique anniversary gift ideas that will help you get inspired!

Make His Heart Sing

Does your partner fancy himself to be the next Jimi Hendrix? Or perhaps, he’s just a giant music geek who collects everything from records to drumsticks and guitar picks. Either way, if your partner is musically inclined, you can’t go wrong with these customized guitar picks from SilveradoJewelry on Etsy. Have it engraved with your own personal message to him and who knows, he might well be inspired to write you the greatest love song of all time.

Treat Her to a Spa Day

Putting up with you on a daily basis probably doesn’t always come easy, so give the wifey a well-deserved break from your manliness and send her off on a spa day fit for royalty. There are plenty of great websites online offering spa discounts in your local area, as well as abroad, and you will find something for every budget. Spafinder has an amazing selection of wellness escapes at fantastic prices, and you can rest assured that this will be a gift the missus will probably appreciate much more than your clumsy back-rubs.

An UnFOrgettable Weekend Get-Away

If your man is constantly forcing you into watching Sci-Fi movies, he’s probably the type who would give anything to spend as little as five minutes in an actual UFO. Imagine how excited he’ll be to learn he’ll be spending two whole nights in one? The UFO at the Treehotel in Sweden will make all his wildest childhood fantasies come true: not only will you be sharing a bed in an extra-terrestrial structure, it is also built high into the trees, sparking memories of all the weekends spent in his boyhood treehouse. How cool is that? This has to be one of the most original ideas for an anniversary gift we’ve ever seen!

Treat Your Eco-Warrior-Princess to a Green Holiday

Show your partner how much you appreciate her eco-consciousness by whisking her away on the most romantic, green holiday in the South of Spain. Alora Yurts offers traditional Mongolian Yurts overlooking the beautiful lakes of Istán, in the mountains of Marbella. Compost toilets with spectacular views ensure you will not be wasting precious water, and the menu provided by the friendly owners is home-cooked and sourced from local produce. The beautiful natural setting and the cosy, enchantingly lit Yurts make for a perfect anniversary get-away for eco warriors!

Kickstart his Heart with a Ride in a Lamborghini

If you really want to make your hubby’s heart pound with love and joy, you can’t go wrong with a voucher for 14 laps in a Lamborghini! We all know how excited men get over cars, especially those who go at adrenaline-inducing speed, so why not get him pumped for your anniversary with this adventurous gift? You’ll be sure to go down as the best girlfriend/wife in history upon presenting him with the keys to this four-wheeled-beauty. Check out Groupon for the best offers in your area.

Shower her with Love & Lushness

If there’s one thing almost all women on this planet love, it’s delicious beauty and bath products – especially if they are made from natural ingredients that have you smelling like a fresh fruit salad or a candy bar that hasn’t been invented yet. Lush is one of the most popular brands of natural beauty products, so if you’re looking to treat your lady right on your special day, bathe her in lushness! A colourful bath bomb that explodes in a sea of glitters will have her sparkling brightly into your anniversary night.

Mark your love with an eternity ring

Hand shapes wearing eternity rings

As a symbol of your love and your future together there is no better way to mark your anniversary than by giving an eternity ring as a present. Along with the engagement ring and wedding ring, the eternity ring finishes off the “holy trinity” and makes an amazing statement about the commitment between you and your partner. Check out the Purely Diamonds range of eternity rings for inspiration.

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