The Most Romantic Movie Proposals

Proposal by a lake

For most girls, romcoms are their greatest source of “the feels” – these are the kind of movies that make their hearts flutter, the types of films they model their fantasies of marriage proposals and fairy-tale weddings after.

In Hollywood, everything is possible: the budget is infinite, the people look as though they’ve stepped right outside of the cover of Vogue, and the most beautiful sparkling dresses are bibidi-babidi-booed right onto your body by your fairy Godmother’s magical wand – who can blame us for wanting to escape into these over-the-top fantasy worlds, if only for a couple of hours? T

hey help tide us over while we’re sitting around waiting for our own Prince Charming to whisk us off our feet. Here are the most unforgettable and romantic movie proposals!

Sex and the City

Carrie Bradshaw and Big had to walk through many a revolving door throughout the six-year run of the original HBO series, Sex and the City, before finally tying the knot in the 2008 movie. But as is typical for the giant but loveable commitment-phobe, and the tiny neurotic scribbler, their extravagant wedding plans quickly ended in shambles when Mr. Big got cold feet, leaving the love of his life devastated and humiliated.

Fortunately, after some time apart, the lovebirds reconcile on the carpeted floor of the customized shoe closet he built for Carrie in their luxurious penthouse apartment. Admitting to their mistakes, and to having gotten “Carried-Away”, Big finally comes to realize where it all went wrong: their initial engagement was all business and no romance. In a Cinderella-style moment, Big gets to one knee and proposes to Carrie by slipping a bejewelled Manolo Blahnik shoe onto her foot. A dream film proposal for every fashionista!

Meet the Parents

When you have a last name like Gaylord Focker, chances are, life doesn’t always work out for you the way you’d want it to. It seems as though Gaylord’s best intentions always end in complete chaos or embarrassing misunderstandings, especially where his in-laws are concerned. Needless to say, proposing to his fiancé Pam wasn’t quite the walk in the park he’d hoped it to be either, but the idea was the sweetest, even if it was a bit more complicated to execute than he would have imagined.

Gaylord planned a proposal straight from the heart: spelling out the words “Marry Me Pam” on individual paper boards, he got Pam’s kindergarten group to stand behind their classroom window holding them up. But as he was desperately trying to get them to stand in the correct order, news from Pam’s older sister put a halt to his plan when he finds out his soon-to-be father-in-law is one for following old traditions. It’s a shame because this would have been the type of proposal any woman in the teaching profession would not have been able to turn down!

Love Actually

If there was ever a movie scene proving that love indeed is a universal language, it’s, of course, Love Actually. There is nothing more comforting than the idea that love conquers all – even that strange limbo you find yourself in when you get completely lost in translation. For Jamie and Aurelia, British and Portuguese respectively, it hasn’t always been easy to find the words needed to express themselves to one another. But who needs words when you’ve got so many feelings to work with?

In order to find a middle ground communication-wise however, Jamie and Aurelia began to study each other’s native tongues without the knowledge of the other. So, when Jamie bursts into the restaurant Aurelia works at, professing his unconditional love to her in flawed Portuguese, he is surprised to hear her answering in English. Aaahw!

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

In some cases, you’re not just marrying your partner, you’re marrying the entire family, and that is most certainly the case for Ian. Little did he know that, by falling in love with Toula, he would have her whole Greek family to deal with too. It’s not always easy, considering their cultural differences, and their wildly different personalities, but it works.

With a film title like My Big Fat Greek Wedding, you’d probably expect an over-the-top proposal scene as well, but this one is surprisingly down to earth. Toula and Ian are cosied up in bed together when Ian looks up at her, genuine love in his eyes, and simply says: “I don’t know how to say this…Will you marry me?”

Take Inspiration from these movie proposals

If you are thinking of popping the question yourself you could take inspiration from these proposals or if your partner happens to be a fan of one of the movies you could even try and create the scene. Of course, you need to make sure you get the engagement ring first and we are happy to help with that!

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