Fun Date Night Ideas for Married Couples

A couple on a date in a field

Once you have been married for a few years it can be hard to spend any time together never mind get out on a date. It may also be tricky to come up with some ideas for what to do if you do manage to get some time too.

You know how it goes: you spend the morning fantasizing about surprising your husband with a special home-cooked meal and an outfit to match.

You might even browse through Yelp, ready to embrace a night of reliving your twenties in some trendy hipster restaurant.

But by the time you’ve wrestled the kids into their clothes, dropped them off at school, returned back home and sorted out the laundry, the dishes, the meal-prep and the weekly car-pool schedule, have dedicated a few hours to work before driving back to school for the pick-up and back home to a non-stop tune of excited chattering, squealing and whining, after forcing the kids into the bathtub whilst they scream bloody murder and launch rubber-duckies at you, the furthest thought on your mind will be a date night with your partner!

It’s not that you’re not into bringing back the romance, it’s just that you’re too damn exhausted.

It’s a frustrating cycle, but one that is important to break. Every now and then we need to let go of the daily grind and put our relationship first – no matter how tired we may be.

Date night doesn’t necessarily have to consist of ball gowns, fancy operas and Michelin star restaurants – some of the most romantic dates can happen in your backyard or living room! If you can’t get a sitter, are short on money or simply aren’t in the mood to dress up and go out, we have come up with a few date night (and day date) ideas for married couples. These are fun activities and most of them you could even do from the comfort of your own home.

DIY Wellness/Spa Room

Have a guest room you never really use anyway? Take out or move the furniture until the room feels spacious and Zen. Throw a mattress or some thick blankets and pillows on the floor and find some nice mood lighting – candles, Moroccan lamps or fairy lights. Pick up a bottle of scented massage oil, some face or even whole body masks at your local drugstore and have yourselves a wellness/spa night rounded off with a sexy massage.

Stargazing Backyard Picnic

Sneaking out for a mid-week hike to the mountains for some romantic stargazing could be a bit challenging to arrange, but if you’ve got a backyard or a terrace – make us of it! Prepare an easy champagne picnic, arrange some blankets and pillows on the lawn or the terrace, lay back and enjoy a starry night, good conversations and yummy food.


You may not be feeling particularly sexy after a whole day of work and/or childminding, but there’s nothing like a playful night of body painting to get you in the mood for laughter, intimacy and romance. Freestyle or pick a theme to run with – either way, using your bodies as canvasses will make for a creative, unforgettable night. Tip: if you want a reminder of it, pose for pictures or use a white bedsheet to roll around on once you’re slathered in paint – it’ll make for an artsy new feature in your bedroom!

If you’re desperate to get out of the house, regardless of how groggy you’re feeling, here are some great ideas for unconventional date-nights on the town!

Escape Room

Put your marriage to the ultimate test by booking a night in an Escape Room! If you’ve been feeling a bit disconnected as of late, this is the perfect way to remind yourselves that you still make a great team and can get over any hurdle as long as you’re in it together – even escaping a prison cell or a nutty professor’s lab by solving puzzles and finding clues.

Secret Cinema Night

Ordinary cinema date nights are a thing of the past. It’s time to embrace the future of Secret Cinema! Each screening event is different from the next: you might catch a spooky thriller in an abandoned building in the middle of London, or perhaps on the roof top of a glamorous restaurant in central New York. No matter what type of screening you’ll be attending, you can rest assured that you will end up participating with your favourite characters during this 360-degree viewing experience in a most entertaining manner.

Dans le Noir

Using your date night to go out for dinner may seem like the cliché choice here, but not if you’re heading to a restaurant that is designed to stimulate all the senses. The Dans le Noir restaurant chain offers a dining experience of the unusual kind: you’ll be enjoying your starters, mains and dessert in absolute darkness. Forget about deeply gazing into one another’s eyes, and start reaching into one another’s soul in the cover of darkness.

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