5 Tips for a Last-Minute Marriage Proposal

Marry me written in sand

Sometimes there is nothing better than a bit of spontaneity and that can include a last minute propsal to your loved one.

Some people will spend weeks or maybe even months preparing, making sure every little detail is correct and going over and over what to say and where to say it. Others may just decide they are going to pop the question and do it without putting too much thought into it. Often this happens because there is a big event such as a birthday or Christmas coming up, after all, they are both perfect occasions for popping the question.

Planning ahead and doing things impulsively both have their good and bad points but if you are preparing for a last-minute proposal, here are some tips and advice you should consider:

  1. Get a ring – Fast!

No matter how last minute your proposal is, one thing you really need is a ring. You might see in films or on TV where they use a Haribo ring or a toy ring but in reality, this is one of the biggest moments of both of your lives and you need to make sure you have something to make it memorable.  Purely diamonds currently have a wide range of rings that can be delivered within 48 hours, so this may be the perfect solution for you. View them here.

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  1. Pick the location

A romantic location can really make for an unforgettable proposal. Last minute proposals however, don’t really leave much time to find somewhere really special. It’s unlikely you are going to be able to head over to Paris for example if you are proposing in the next couple of days’ time! There are, however, certain things to consider.

First of all, make sure it is a place that your partner likes such as their favourite restaurant but more importantly somewhere that you will feel comfortable popping the question. Some women might not want a big audience and much prefer something more intimate, others will like a crowd to see it. Either way, make sure your partner will be able to hear you clearly and you will not be interrupted.

  1. Decide what you are going to say

Even with a last-minute proposal you have time to put a bit of thought into what you are going to say, even if you just have a think about it the night before. You don’t want to draw a blank on the night and sit there in awkward silence! It doesn’t have to be a huge speech, just a few choice words about what your partner means to you and think clearly about how you want to word the actual question.

  1. Choose when you will ask the question

Depending on where you have selected as your location, there will be certain times in the day or night that will be more suitable than others for the proposal. If you are in a restaurant, it may be a good idea to do it early in the evening rather than after a few drinks and too much food! If you are doing it at your partners favourite place, for example in a park, it would be wise to choose the exact spot beforehand.

  1. To knee or not to knee?

A man proposing to a woman

Whether or not you choose to get down on one knee is just down to personal choice, it is considered traditional, however, some people don’t like the idea.  Just do whatever is best for you and your partner but it’s probably wise to decide whether you are going to do it in advance just so there’s no “shall I or not” confusion when the moment comes.

There you go – you have everything you need to do a last minute impromptu proposal. Now get on with it! Good luck.

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