Engagement Ring Trends for September

September Engagement Ring Trends

With summer coming to an end and people returning back to work following lovely breaks both abroad and at home, September brings not only a change in season, but a change in fashion and jewellery trends. Most notably are the trends in engagement rings and the styles that are most popular during the month of September.

We’ve taken a look at some of the most fashionable diamond engagement rings for the month as well as the birthstone for September which is Sapphire.

Diamond Engagement Rings

Trend 1: Rose Gold Engagement Rings

While only at the beginning of autumn, we don’t expect the leaves to start turning golden right away, but the warm tones of the season are extremely popular in the form of rose gold engagement rings. Whatever your style preference, our skilfully crafted collection has something for everyone.

PD600 Engagement Ring in Rose Gold PD389 Engagement Ring in Rose Gold PD451 Engagement Ring in Rose Gold

Product Code: PD600R

Product Code: PD389RW Product Code: PD451RW
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Trend 2: Oval Cut Engagement Rings

A fantastic way to get the best diamond size for your budget is to go for an elongated fancy shape diamond such as an Oval cut. These stunning stones offer similar brilliance to round diamonds but the spread of the stone provides a bigger size per carat weight offering bigger bling for your buck!

PD498 - Oval Cut Engagement Ring PD627 - Oval Cut Engagement Ring PD567 - Oval Cut Engagement Ring

Product Code: PD498W

Product Code: PD627W Product Code: PD567W
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Trend 3: Cluster Engagement Rings

After an expensive summer season and with Christmas only a few months away, one of the most cost effective styles with added “wow” factor is Cluster engagement rings. Handcrafted and made up of a group of smaller diamonds these rings give a large presence on the finger without the large price tag.

PD483 - Cluster Engagement Ring PD485 - Cluster Engagement Ring PD754 - Cluster Engagement Ring
Product Code: PD483W Product Code: PD485W Product Code: PD754W
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September Birthstone Engagement Rings

Sapphire Rings

If you’re looking for something a little more personal this month, why not go with September’s birthstone – sapphire. This luxurious blue gemstone is a symbol of nobility and faithfulness making it a perfect option for your engagement ring. And if it’s good enough for Royalty… It’s good enough for us!

PDS566 - Sapphire Engagement Ring

Product Code: PDS566

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Whatever ring you’re looking for this September, our expert team is on hand to help and guide you through the process. Either book an appointment at our London or Manchester showrooms or contact us and we can help you begin your diamond journey.