Engagement Ring Trends for October

October is finally here… The month where we celebrate Halloween and the changing colour of leaves as well as the increasing complaints that the nights are getting dark far too early. For those of you looking at popping the question this month, we’ve put together a list of our favourite engagement rings that are perfectly on trend for Autumn.

As well as three diamond ring trends, we’ve also highlighted a wonderful tourmaline ring which is one of the birthstones for October so ideal for anyone celebrating their birthday this month.

Diamond Engagement Rings

Trend 1: Yellow Gold Engagement Rings

As the leaves turn golden, why not go for a gold engagement ring. The most traditional metal for a proposal will see you showcase the clear and crisp beauty of a diamond in a setting of your choice from a simple solitaire setting to a more elaborate style with diamond sides stones.

Yellow Gold Engagement Ring: pd808yw
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Yellow Gold Engagement Ring pd146y
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Yellow Gold Engagement Ring pd793yw
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Trend 2: Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

The emerald cut diamond was created using the same cutting style that makes emerald gemstones as cutters believed it would suit a diamond beautifully – and they were not wrong. After rising to popularity during the Art Deco era, this stunning cut remains a firm favourite for those that appreciate the true skill and craftsmanship required to make these incredible gems.

Emerald Cut Engagement Ring - pd455w
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Emerald Cut Engagement Ring - pd580w
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Emerald Cut Engagement Ring - pd814w
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Trend 3: Solitaire with Diamond Shoulders Engagement Rings

For someone who likes some extra sparkle, a solitaire engagement ring with shoulder diamonds enables you to complement your chosen centre stone with some additional diamonds set into the design for added “wow” factor. Whatever diamond shape you’re looking for, our collection has something for everyone from simple set diamond bands to more intricately designed vintage styles.

Single Shoulder Engagement Ring - pd813w
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Soltaire Shoulders Engagement Ring - pd781w
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Solitaire Shoulders Engagement Ring - pd869w
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October Birthstone Engagement Rings

Tourmaline Engagement Rings

For those born in October, you’re lucky enough to have two birthstones – both opal and tourmaline. Due to the softness of opal we wouldn’t recommend that for everyday wear, so why not celebrate an October birthday with a tourmaline engagement ring. Originally discovered in Italy this versatile gemstone can be found in green, blue and even pink tones.

Tourmaline Engagement Ring - pdbt627w
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Begin your diamond journey today and book an appointment at our London or Manchester showrooms or contact us and our expert team are happy to help find the perfect ring this October.