Engagement Ring Trends for November

November Engagement Ring Trends

November is the month where we start to feel the real change of the seasons, the nights are darker and we have to bring out our winter accessories to keep warm. It is also the month when we see the biggest increase in engagement rings sales… People are starting to prepare for their festive season proposals and there’s also the biggest sales period of the year… Black Friday!

To help with your choices, we’ve highlighted our hot trends for the month which can all be enjoyed at up to 15% off in our Black Friday Sale. Don’t forget, the birthstone for November is a Citrine – so you can find some inspiration for those celebrating a birthday this month.

Diamond Engagement Rings

Trend 1: White Gold Engagement Rings

White gold continues to be one of the most popular metal choices for all our engagement rings. This wonderful metal offers great value for your budget without compromising on the quality of the ring. All our white gold rings are made to order and showcase your chosen diamond beautifully.

PD830 White Gold Engagement Ring
Product Code: PD830W
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PD388 - White Gold Engagement Ring
Product Code: PD388W
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PD620 White Gold Engagement Ring
Product Code: PD620W
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Trend 2: Princess Cut Engagement Rings

Princess cut diamonds are the second most popular shape for all engagement rings sold across the world. This contemporary shape is one of the newest cuts as its current form was only perfected in the 1980s. Available in a variety of ring styles, our Princess cut engagement rings are ideal for a winter proposal.

PDF441 - Princess Cut Engagement Ring
Product Code: PDF441
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PD606 Princess Cut Engagement Ring
Product Code: PD606
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PD208 - Princess Cut Engagement Ring
Product Code: PD208
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Trend 3: Solitaire Engagement Rings

The quintessential engagement ring can be found in our solitaire rings. Showcasing one single diamond, these rings continue to be the most popular for the gesture of “will you marry me?”. Available in 8 different diamond shapes, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for with our solitaire engagement rings.

PD112 - Solitaire Engagement Ring
Product Code: PD112
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PD360 - Solitaire Engagement Ring
Product Code: PD360
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PD498 - Solitaire Engagement Ring
Product Code: PD498
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November Birthstone Engagement Rings

Citrine Engagement Rings

If you’re born in November, you have both Topaz and Citrine as your birthstones. As the most popular orange gemstone, Citrine gets its vivid colour from the presence of iron in the mineral. Set with diamonds, this citrine engagement ring is a beautiful balance of colour and sparkle.

PDC269 - Citrine Engagement Ring
Product Code: PDC269
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