Engagement Ring Trends for December

December is the most popular month of the year to pop the question and over a quarter of all proposals are done in the last week of the year which means our workshop is very busy creating the sparkle for your festive engagements.

With most of our engagement rings made to order, we know that sometimes you need things last minute and that’s why we have a wonderful selection of our most popular in rings in stock for when you need something in a hurry.

We’ve picked a few of our favourites that are on trend from across the year to help you make your mind up that are in stock for delivery before Christmas.

Diamond Engagement Rings

White Gold Engagement Ring

White Gold Engagement Ring: pd404w
Product Code: PD404
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Rose Gold Engagement Ring

Rose Gold Engagement Ring - pd780rw
Product Code: PD780
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Yellow Gold Engagement Ring

Yellow Gold Engagement Ring - pd539yw
Product Code: PD539
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Platinum Engagement Ring

Platinum Engagement Ring - pd591w
Product Code: PD591
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December Birthstone Engagement Ring

Tanzanite Engagement Ring

For people with a December birthday, the birthstone of choice is a Tanzanite. This stunning purple gemstone can only be found in one place in the world – Tanzania, where it is named after. An interesting fact about Tanzanite is that it was actually given it’s named by the famous jewellery brand Tiffany & Co who felt it deserved a special and poignant name to reflect it’s true beauty and rarity.

Tanzanite Engagement Ring - pdt566w
Product Code: PDT566
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Begin your diamond journey today and book an appointment at our London or Manchester showrooms or contact us and our expert team are happy to help find the perfect ring this December.