Engagement Ring Trends for January

January Trends Blog

If you’re planning on starting this new year and decade with a celebration of love and sparkle, then look no further than our trend forecast for January. We’ve chosen a selection of engagement rings including, platinum, pear shape and halo ring styles to help give you some inspiration to begin your diamond journey.

Diamond Engagement Rings

Trend 1: Platinum Engagement Rings

Platinum has overtaken white gold in recent years as the most popular engagement ring choice in the UK – and it’s easy to see why. This stunning white metal has an affinity to luxury jewellery with it’s high density and shine that makes a perfect setting for a diamond (or two!).

PD826PL - Platinum Engagement Ring
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PD365PL Platinum Engagement Ring
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PD827PL - Platinum Engagement Ring
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Trend 2: Pear Shape Engagement Rings

Pear Shape diamonds (or tear drop diamond as they are also known) have been around for over 500 years with their beauty standing the test of time. Their distinctive shape offers great value for money as  its elongated shape provides an excellent size per carat when compared to other diamond shapes.

PD399 - Pear Shape Engagement Ring
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PD620 - Pear Shape Engagement Ring
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PD398 - Pear Shape Engagement Ring
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Trend 3: Halo Engagement Rings

The addition of a diamond halo to any shape diamond offers a grander and opulent appearance without breaking the bank – like a larger centre stone might. Available in 4 metals and 8 diamond shapes, our collection of halo rings is designed to make a lasting impression.

PD829 - Halo Engagement Ring
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PD867 - Halo Engagement Ring
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PD591 - Halo Engagement Ring
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January Birthstone Engagement Rings

Ruby Engagement Rings

The Birthstone for January is Garnet which is most commonly found in a luscious deep red colour. Typically, we don’t suggest wearing a garnet every day as it is not as hard as other gemstones. However, Ruby is the associated stone for the star sign Capricorn, so it makes a beautiful and more practical alternative.

PDR493 - Ruby Engagement Ring
Product Code: PDR493
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To start your diamond journey, why not book an appointment at our London or Manchester showrooms or contact us and our expert team will guide you through your January engagement ring purchase..