Engagement Ring Trends for February

February Engagement Ring Trends

February is very important month when it comes to proposing… The celebration of Valentine’s Day is often a popular date to pop the question, but this year, it’s a little bit more interesting as 2020 is a leap year. There is an old tradition that says on a leap year day (29th February) women are encouraged to propose to their partners, which is where our collection of men’s diamond rings come in handy. For the ladies however, our collection of diamond engagement rings has something to suit all tastes. Our suggested trends for the month of love however, are as follows…

Diamond Engagement Rings

Trend 1: Gold Engagement Rings

Whilst platinum is the most popular metal choice in the UK, collectively gold engagement rings still reign supreme. The versatility of the world’s most traditional jewellery metal means when mixed with alloy metals it gives beautiful alternatives to its natural yellow shade. Here we highlight our most popular solitaire ring settings in white, rose and yellow gold.

White Gold Solitaire Engagement Ring
Product Code: PD112W
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Rose Gold Solitaire Engagement Ring
Product Code: PD112RW
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Yellow Gold Solitaire Engagement Ring
Product Code: PD112YW
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Trend 2: Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

The modern cushion cut diamond has soared in popularity in recent years offering a beautiful alternative to the more traditional round or princess cuts. The soft corners give your engagement ring a contemporary look and feel whilst offering a fabulous brilliance and sparkle. Choosing a cushion cut diamond puts you in good company, with Kim Kardashian, Jessica Biel and Victoria Beckham all sporting this wonderful shaped diamond.

Cushion Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring
Product Code: PD622
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Cushion Cut with Side Stones Engagement Ring
Product Code: PD621
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Cushion Cut Halo Engagement Ring
Product Code: PD591
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Trend 3: Trilogy Engagement Rings

Why have one diamond when you can have three?! A trilogy engagement is said to represent your love and commitment from past, to present to future. Our collection of three stone rings include a mixture of shape and size combinations to suit all styles and preferences. Here are some of our recommendations.

Three Stone Round Engagement Ring
Product Code: PD404
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Three Stone Emerald Cut Engagement Ring
Product Code: PD388
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Three Stone Oval and Pear Engagement Ring
Product Code: PD523
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February Birthstone Engagement Rings

Amethyst Engagement Rings

It comes as no coincidence that Amethyst is the February birthstone when it is said that Saint Valentine himself wore an amethyst ring and he is also celebrated this month. This beautiful purple gemstone is a type of quartz which means it is both beautiful and affordable. When set with diamonds like the halo ring below, it is truly magical.

Amethyst Engagement Ring
Product Code: PDAM768
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