Engagement Ring Trends for March

March Trends Blog

The month of March brings with it many things; International Women’s Day, National Proposal Day and also spring arrives! All three are brilliant ways to celebrate, so if you’re thinking of popping the question, we’ve come up with the perfect engagement rings that are bang on trend if you want to start your spring with a bling.

Diamond Engagement Rings

Trend 1: Mixed Engagement Rings

Opting for an engagement ring that incorporates two different metals is something we’ve always done in our collections as it’s a beautiful way to highlight your chosen centre stone(s). When going for a warm metal like yellow gold or rose gold, setting a diamond in white gold really enhances the natural whiteness of the diamond – perfect for when you’ve chosen high colour grades. Alternatively, when setting a yellow diamond in a white gold or platinum band it’s always better to use yellow gold claws to show off the intensity of the colour. Here are just a few of our favourites.

Yellow Gold and White Gold Engagement Ring
Product Code: PD462YW
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Platinum and Yellow Gold Engagement Ring
Product Code: PDY591PL
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Rose Gold and White Gold Engagement Ring
Product Code: PD829RW
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Trend 2: Marquise Cut Engagement Rings

Since the mid 1700s, the Marquise cut has been dazzling people with it’s distinct elongated shape. The story goes that King Louis XV of France requested a diamond be cut to mimic the smile of his mistress and so the early Marquise diamond was born. The sparkly modern marquise that we know and love today has been dazzling people for over 100 years.

Marquise Halo Engagement Ring
Product Code: PD574
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Marquise Solitaire Engagement Ring
Product Code: PD447
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Marquise Solitaire Engagement Ring
Product Code: PD446
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Trend 3: For Evermore Engagement Rings

If you’re looking for something extra special, our unique collection of one of a kind engagement rings includes some of the world’s finest diamonds. Our For Evermore collection includes matching engagement ring and wedding ring sets for those wanting a larger ring to make a statement.

For Evermore Round Engagement Ring
Product Code: PDX888RP
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For Evermore Cushion Cut Engagement Ring
Product Code: PDX894PL
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For Evermore Princess Cut Engagement Ring
Product Code: PDX890RP
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March Birthstone Engagement Rings

Aquamarine Engagement Rings

The fabulous Aquamarine gets it’s name from the Latin for “sea water” and is so-called because of it’s brilliant blue colouring. When sat in white gold or platinum this sea coloured stone really does pop – even more so when set against diamonds. So if your partner is a March baby then this could be the ring for you.

March Aquamarine Ring
Product Code: PDAQ748
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Start your diamond journey this March and book an appointment at our London or Manchester showrooms or contact us and our team of jewellery experts are here to assist you.