How to Clean Your Engagement Ring

How To Clean Your Engagement Ring

We’re asked time and time again how to clean an engagement ring at home, but with the presence of coronavirus (COVID-19) and the importance of washing our hands regularly, you have to think about things you wear on your hands and how to clean them too.

Ideally, you should always take off your engagement ring (and other rings) when washing your hands in order to not only clean your hands properly, but also to protect your jewellery, however we understand that taking your ring off every time is not as practical.

Diamonds and gemstones love the oils that are in soaps and hand creams so with regularly washing and applications of cream, these oils build up on the surface of the stones making them appear dull and lifeless. Not to mention that bacteria can live in your engagement ring if you’re not careful.

We’ve put together a simple 5 step guide to how to clean your engagement ring and the things you’ll need to do this.

What you’ll need…

Washing Up Liquid

Washing Up Liquid

Soft Toothbrush

A SOFT Toothbrush
(ideally a child’s one as they have fine bristles)


A Bowl


Clean Warm Water

Polishing Cloth

A Microfibre Polishing Cloth

Your Dirty Engagement Ring

Your Dirty Engagement Ring

Now what you need to do doesn’t harm your engagement ring and you can do it weekly if you like, just follow the 5 steps ahead…

How To Clean Your Engagement Ring

How To Clean Your Engagement Ring

Now your ring is bright and beautiful as nice, take a look at our suggested Dos & Don’ts for wearing jewellery.


  • Do take off your jewellery when cleaning.
  • Do remove your jewellery during exercise.
  • Do clean your jewellery regularly.


  • Don’t spray perfume or hairspray near your jewellery.
  • Don’t wear your jewellery whilst swimming.
  • Don’t apply hand creams when wearing your rings.