Engagement Ring Trends for September 2020

September is always a popular month to pop the question… The final summer holidays away and the long warm evenings at home provide the ideal backdrop to ask “will you marry me?”.

Needless to say we see a surge of orders for our engagement rings this month as people look to end their summer with a reason to celebrate.

As our workshop continues to work safely, we’ve put together some of our more popular engagement ring styles to help guide you in your decision making. If you need help or assistance, then why not book an appointment at our showroom to help find your dream ring.

Diamond Engagement Rings

White Gold Engagement Ring

Product Code: PD133
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Rose Gold Engagement Ring

Product Code: PD827
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Yellow Gold Engagement Ring

Product Code: PD376
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Platinum Engagement Ring

Product Code: PD498
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September Birthstone Engagement Ring

Sapphire Engagement Ring

The birthstone for September is the sapphire. An iconic blue gemstone that is synonymous the world over with the engagement ring of both Princess Diana and Kate Middleton. Perhaps the ideal engagement ring for someone celebrating a birthday or giving birth this month would be this stunning replica of the emblematic engagement ring.

Product Code: PDS566
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