#PurelyEngaged: Courtney & David’s Story

Popping the question is an exciting process and with thousands of #PurelyEngaged customers every year we know the importance of your engagement rings.

Currently based in Trafford, Courtney and David got engaged on Brandenton Beach, Florida, in August 2019. We caught up with the wonderful couple to find more about the proposal and the all-important ring!


How long have you been together? 

We will have been together 7 years this year.


David, when did you start thinking about proposing? 

I had a near death experience, and it made me realise that the things most precious to you can be taken away within a matter of seconds. So, after that experience, I wanted to take the next step.


Courtney, did you have any idea?

I did not… Although now I think about it, Dave was acting strange the week before we left to go to Florida.


David, how did you find out about PD?

I heard from a friend within the emergency services.


David proposes to Courtney on her favourite beach in Florida (left) and the Marquise engagement ring (right).


Courtney, what did you think of the ring? 

Absolutely beautiful. He did very well, as I was looking at rings with the marquise shape. I like something a little different!


And most importantly… Have you started plan the wedding? 

We have! We decided to postpone it late last year as it was meant to be August 2021. However, we felt better to have it in August 2022, due to the effects of COVID-19.


We wish Courtney and David a lifetime of love, happiness, and sparkle! #PurelyEngaged