White gold rings

Whether you're searching for the perfect engagement ring, wedding ring, or cocktail ring, white gold remains one of the most plentiful and popular choices on both the fine jewellery and bridal jewellery markets and its clear to see why.

White Gold Engagement
engagement rings

Give your bridal jewellery set the elegance and style it deserves with one of our stunning white gold diamond engagement rings.

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White Gold Diamond Rings
Diamond Rings

The perfect combination of style and elegance, these beautiful white gold diamond rings are the perfect addition to your fine jewellery collection or bridal jewellery set.

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White Gold wedding rings
wedding rings

Finish off your bridal jewellery set in style with one of our beautiful white gold wedding rings available in plain and diamond set designs for both men and women.

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White Gold Eternity rings
eternity rings

The ultimate in luxury and elegance, theses breathtaking white gold eternity rings offer the beauty and glamour you've been searching for.

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White Gold Gemstone rings
gemstone rings

Add a splash of colour and touch of style to your bridal jewellery set or fine jewellery collection with a dazzling gemstone ring set in luxurious white gold.

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When it comes to fine jewellery, nothing compares to the beauty and elegance of white gold. One of the most popular of all the precious metals used in jewellery making today, it offers a style and grace that is unmistakable. Whether you're looking to create the perfect bridal jewellery set, or simply want to add a bit of glamour to your fine jewellery collection, you simply can't go wrong with one of the many luxurious white gold rings that Purely Diamonds has to offer.

With their beautiful and rich silver colour, white gold rings offer the perfect balance between timeless beauty and modern elegance. White gold itself is created by combining yellow gold with a variety of metal alloys that not only help increase its strength and durability, but also help to give it its signature colour. Additional alloys, including rhodium and platinum, are then used to finely coat the white gold to create the bright white finish that makes it so radiant.


Hand crafted from one of the most timeless of all precious metals, white gold rings can be found in a range of purities, with 18ct white gold and 9ct white gold being the two most common options. 18ct white gold rings are the purer of the two, meaning they possess a higher percentage of pure gold and smaller amounts of alloy metals.

They do tend to be a bit softer but are also considered the higher value of the two. 9ct white gold rings, on the other hand, will stand up slightly better to normal wear and tear, though their actual gold content is a bit lower.


White gold rings are also available in a number of beautiful finishes. The most common choice is the high polish glossy finish that works especially well in white gold diamond rings as the reflective nature of the gold beautifully enhances the natural sparkle and shine of the diamonds or gemstones set within the rings.

White gold rings can also be found in a stylish satin finish which many consumers feel provides a striking contrast to the brilliance of diamonds and gemstones. Mixed finish white gold rings are another popular choice and extremely common in wedding band designs.


Purely Diamonds offers a wide selection of white gold rings in their collection consisting of a number of styles, from classic to contemporary. Their white gold diamond rings come in a range of designs, including classic solitaire rings to elegant multi-stone creations. They offer both full and half eternity rings in white gold as well. Their bridal collection includes a vast assortment of both plain and diamond set wedding rings for both men and women and their selection of white gold engagement rings is simply breathtaking.


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