How To Buy An Engagement Ring Without Her Knowing

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It’s hard enough to buy a piece of jewellery for yourself, let alone for someone else, so we can imagine the issues you’re having trying to decide on how to buy the perfect engagement ring.

That’s why we’ve put together this useful guide to help you out.

How do you find out her ring size?

First things first, you need to know her ring size. It would be awful if you planned an incredible, elaborate proposal for your loved one, bought a beautiful diamond ring and then couldn’t get it on her finger!


Make sure you try out these tricks to getting her ring size.

  1. Get a piece of sting or thin piece of paper and wrap it around her ring finger whilst she is sleeping, (that’s the third finger on the left hand!) Remember you should only measure the finger on her left hand as the same finger on the right hand may be a different size.
  2. Pretend that you are going to buy a ring for another family member and get her to go with you so that you can see what the ring looks like on a woman’s hand. She will think she is just helping you out when in reality you are really finding out her ring size!
  3. The most effective way to find out her ring size without her knowing is to raid her jewellery box and find a ring that she doesn’t wear very often, (so then she won’t realise it is missing). Take the ring to the jeweller who can size it up for you!

How do I know what cut to go for?

Think about your partner’s personality. Is she girly and romantic? If so a heart or cushion cut diamond would be the perfect match. Does she have a vintage style? Then go for an Asscher or emerald cut diamond. If you want something slightly different you can get her a radiant cut diamond. Alternatively, a round brilliant cut diamond is a classic design, which always looks great.


How can I make it personal?

Do you have a ring or diamond that is a family heirloom? You can incorporate or adapt it in some way to create a ring that is unique and special to you as a couple.

If you don’t, but still want something original, we can create a completely bespoke ring for you based on your criteria. (Take a look at our bespoke jewellery here).


How much should I spend on the engagement ring?

Traditionally it was said that you should spend at least three months salary on the ring, but in reality it should be whatever you feel comfortable spending. Remember the ring is an investment and something that your future spouse will wear for the rest of their life, but you don’t have to go crazy and spend more than you can afford.

Even if you can’t afford the ring you want right now, you can always update it in the future!


Should we buy the ring together?

Some men are lucky and they know exactly which ring to buy their partners. Others find it much more difficult, so it’s becoming increasingly more popular to propose with a ‘fake’ ring, then look for a ring together after the proposal. This is a nice idea as it allows your partner to be involved in the proposal process. Plus it takes the stress away from having to choose the ring you think they’d like!


If you are purchasing from us you can always buy a ring that you think your partner would like, then if they decide they would like a different design you can return it, and book an appointment with one of the members of our dedicated sales team who will help you find the ideal match.

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