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Citrine Gemstone Rings

With its vivid colour and appearance, it's easy to see why a citrine is the most popular orange gemstone on the market. Our collection of citrine and diamond rings was made to showcase the stunning warmth of this autumnal stone. Available in a variety of shapes, this wonderful gemstone offers a brilliant contrast when paired with diamonds so we have designed a range of rings to help show off this perfect pairing. This golden yellow quartz gets its colour from the presence of iron in the mineral that turns its perfect shade. Browse our collection of citrine rings today and find your sunshine.
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At Purely Diamonds, we believe in the magic of natural diamonds. Formed over billions of years and found naturally in the ground, these precious gems add to the story of your own diamond journey. We also make sure all our diamonds are conflict-free as the ethical mining and sourcing is very important to us.
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The History

The Meaning

Natural citrines are very rare to come across and most on the market are actually heated amethysts in order to get the colour the vivid yellow-orange hue that we have come to know and love.

Although they are found all over the world, the main producer of this warm gemstone is the country of Brazil where the majority are mined.

Wearing Citrine rings is believed to be a symbol of success and prosperity. What better stone to go for when choosing a gemstone ring for yourself or a loved one.

The Citrine gemstone is the birthstone for November making it a great gift for autumn birthday celebrations. It's also the suggested gift for those celebrating a 13th anniversary.