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Ruby Gemstone Rings

For centuries the ruby has symbolised love and majesty, and the use of these gems in jewellery has ensured they make the perfect pairing with diamonds. Our diamond and ruby rings collection has been intricately crafted to showcase these luscious red gems. The regal red gemstone is one of five traditional cardinal gems that are considered to be precious above all others which means a ruby ring is an extremely precious item for your jewellery collection. Browse our collection today and discover a range of ruby and diamond rings from engagement rings, eternity rings, dress rings and more.
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All our diamonds are naturally mined and ethically sourced
At Purely Diamonds, we believe in the magic of natural diamonds. Formed over billions of years and found naturally in the ground, these precious gems add to the story of your own diamond journey. We also make sure all our diamonds are conflict-free as the ethical mining and sourcing is very important to us.
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Named after "ruber" the Latin word for red, rubies make excellent stones for everyday wear as they rank 9.0 on the Moh's scale of hardness - meaning they are only one grade away from the strength of a diamond.

Join celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Jessica Simpson and Katy Perry who have all been seen sporting ruby engagement rings with one of the radiant ruby rings from our collection.

For centuries, the wearing of ruby jewellery has been seen as a symbol of strength and power, so it comes as no surprise of their continuous popularity for engagement, eternity and cocktails rings.

The ruby gemstone is the birthstone for July which means that a ruby and diamond ring is an ideal item to give your friends and family that were born in July.