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Morganite Gemstone Rings

Celebrating your love with a gemstone has risen in popularity in recent years and our collection of morganite rings is no exception. This pale pink gemstone offers a stunning alternative for those looking for some subtle colour complemented by sparkling diamonds. Whether you're looking for an engagement ring with a modern flair or a dazzling gift with a difference, these morganite and diamonds rings are a bright alternative to some of the darker gemstone options. Browse our collection today to find your dream morganite ring and if you'd like something a little more bespoke, please contact our sales team to discuss a design.
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The History

The Meaning

First discovered on the island of Madagascar in 1910, this salmon coloured stone was named after JP Morgan, the financier, who was deeply interested in gemstones.

Morganite is also known as pink or rose beryl, and is from the same mineral as emeralds and aquamarines, meaning it is of the same hardness on the Moh's scale of 7.5-8.

Wearing morganite rings is said to evoke a sense of peace and joy, and given the beauty of these pink gemstones, it's not hard to see why. They have become a popular alternative to diamond engagement rings in recent years.

The distinct pink colour of morganites is caused by the presence of manganese within the stone. Browse our collection today and find your dream morganite ring.