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How we manufacture a ring

17 Oct 2016

All our rings are handmade in our London workshop.

We manufacture our diamond jewellery in-house (in our workshop in Farringdon, London) and sell our jewellery directly to the public via our website and showroom. 

Buying something from a manufacturer means you are cutting out the 'middle-man' and making substantial savings in the process!  We pass these savings on to you in the form of very low prices, whilst still providing exceptional quality and service. You will save up to 60% on any product you purchase from us.

Every product displays a price (our price) and it's RRP (retail value). RRP is the price you could expect to pay in a high street shop for the same product.  So with us you can have a larger diamond for a lower price!

Buying from us directly cuts out the middleman retail jeweller

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