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Our award winning collection of eternity design gemstone rings has been skilfully crafted from our London workshop for over 40 years. All products are made to order offering you great value and quality craftsmanship that's up to 64% off high street prices.
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All our diamonds are naturally mined and ethically sourced
At Purely Diamonds, we believe in the magic of natural diamonds. Formed over billions of years and found naturally in the ground, these precious gems add to the story of your own diamond journey. We also make sure all our diamonds are conflict-free as the ethical mining and sourcing is very important to us.
If you're looking for lab-grown diamonds, get in touch with us for options.
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Discover our Gemstone Ring Styles


The beauty of sapphire gemstones represent faithfulness making our collection of diamond and sapphire rings a dream way to celebrate your love. For those born in September, they are the ideal gift as sapphires are the allocated birthstone for the month. Whether you're looking for a sapphire engagement ring or sapphire eternity ring, check out our collection to find yours.


From the Latin word for red, rubies have long been a symbol of love and devotion. Paired with diamonds, our ruby rings showcase the splendour of this magnificent red gemstone. As an alternative engagement ring or eternity ring they are said to bring the wearer power and strength. As the birthstone for July, they're great to celebrate those special milestones.


Emerald gemstones can be traced back in jewellery for thousands of years. The exquisite green colour has long been associated with divinity and is instantly recognisable. Our collection of diamond and emerald rings allows you to feel like royalty as we handpick each stone for its beauty and natural colour. Browse our collection today to find your dream emerald ring.


One of the more modern gemstone discoveries is tanzanite, found in Tanzania just over 50 years ago. Since then, it use in jewellery has produced exquisite results which is why we carefully curated our collection of diamond and tanzanite rings to show off these beautiful purple stones. As a modern birthstone for December – these gemstone rings are ideal birthday gifts.


Aptly named from the Latin for "sea water", the colour of the Aquamarine gemstone is unlike any other. This stunning blue gem is the birthstone of March and the celebration stone for a 19th wedding anniversary. Our collection of diamond and aquamarine rings comes with a range of shapes that are showcased in both engagement ring and eternity ring styles.


For a gemstone ring with a difference, our selection of pink sapphire rings gives you an intense colour unique to this pink gem that is combined with wonderful diamonds. Whether it's an engagement, eternity or cocktail ring you're looking for, our collection is available in white gold, yellow gold and platinum to help you find the perfect pink sapphire ring for you.