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Peridot Gemstone Rings

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Make your friends green with envy by choosing from one of our diamond and peridot rings. This ancient olive green stone has been celebrated for thousands of years and can be traced as far back as ancient Egypt. Our wonderful collection has been put together to show off the natural beauty of these green gemstones and sees them paired with the finest diamonds to offer something truly unique. Whether you're thinking of proposing with this magnificent gemstone, or simply looking for a cocktail ring with a difference, you will not be disappointed by the splendour and radiance of our peridot rings.

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20 Trees Planted With Every Order
We have partnered with Trees For The Future to do our part in looking after our planet and planning for the future. For every order received, we'll ensure there are 20 trees planted with the mission to recreate forests and decrease CO2 in our atmosphere.
A dazzling Peridot and Diamond ring in white gold
Only: £881
A stylish peridot & diamond ring with shoulder stones in white gold
From: £687 to £858
A Beautiful Peridot and diamond halo design set in white gold
Only: £1,262
A gorgeous peridot & diamond halo cluster style ring in white gold
Only: £1,386
A stunning rare Pakistan Peridot and Diamond halo ring in white gold
Only: £2,505

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Discover more about Peridot Rings...

The oldest peridot is said to be 4.5 billion years old and was discovered within a meteorite. Peridot is also the only gemstone with one colour - the distinctive olive green. The intensity of colour varies depending on the presence of iron within the stone.

The ancient Egyptians called the peridot the "gem of the sun" and originally mined the stones from an island on the red sea.

Peridot is the zodiac stone for Libra and birthstone for August making Peridot rings the perfect gifts. They're also the celebrated gift for a 15th wedding anniversary.

Peridot rings are said to heal the emotional body and assist with resolving matters of the heart. We think this is ideal symbolism if being used for an engagement ring.