Wedding Ring Buying Guide

Wedding rings symbolise commitment and eternal love. The never-ending circle is a symbol of unity and eternity. With Purely Diamonds wedding ring guide you will find your perfect ring set.

Years ago it was decided to place wedding rings on the third finger of the left hand, which ancient Egyptians believed had a vein leading directly to the heart. Romans called this vein the ‘vein-amoris’, meaning ‘vein of love’.

Width of the ring:

It is important to consider the width of your engagement ring when choosing your wedding ring. Whilst it is perfectly acceptable to have rings of different widths, a different shape, or even a different metal like 18k gold or platinum rings, most women tend to prefer a wedding ring of similar width/shape to their engagement ring. However it is just a matter of personal preference and there are no strict rules to follow.

The average width of a mens engagement ring tends to be 4-6mm.  If you have very long fingers you could probably wear 8mm if you prefer.  If your fingers are quite short we recommend 4-5mm.

Most of our plain band wedding rings are available in a variety of different widths. They vary usually between 2mm – 8mm. If you see a particular design you like but would like it in a different width, please contact us to discuss your requirements. 

The ring profile:

At Purely Diamonds you have a choice of traditional Court, Flat Court, D-Shape and Flat wedding rings available in a variety of widths and metals, check our wedding ring guide below.

Flat Court Ring profile

Flat Court rings have rounded inside (known as ‘comfort fit’), but with a flat top to give a contemporary look.  We recommend Flat-Court over Flat in most cases as it tends to be a more comfortable profile.

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D Shape Ring profile

D-Shaped rings have a flat inside, but a rounded outside similar to the court shape.  (Non comfort-fit).

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Court Ring profile

Court shape rings are also known as ‘comfort fit’ and is rounded on the inside and the outside of the ring.

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Flat Ring profile

Flat profile rings have flat edges on all sides of the ring.  They sit close to the finger as they are not as deep as other profiles. (Non comfort-fit).

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