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Yellow Gold Engagement Rings

Our stunning collection of yellow gold engagement rings provides a traditional beauty for your chosen diamond. Available in a variety of ring styles from simple solitaires to three stone trilogy rings, this precious metal will enhance diamonds and gemstones exquisitely. This timeless metal has been used for jewellery for thousands of years and has yet to waiver in popularity, creating a beautiful setting for your proposal. Crafted in both 18 karat and 9 karat yellow gold, many of our range of designs come with white gold claws to boost the wonderful brightness of the central diamond or gemstone.
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All our diamonds are naturally mined and ethically sourced
At Purely Diamonds, we believe in the magic of natural diamonds. Formed over billions of years and found naturally in the ground, these precious gems add to the story of your own diamond journey. We also make sure all our diamonds are conflict-free as the ethical mining and sourcing is very important to us.
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The karat of gold refers to the purity and subsequently the percentage of gold that it contains. The purest of this would be 24 karat gold which is 99.9% gold, 18 karat is 75%, and 9 karat is 37.5%. These are reflected in the hallmark they receive when assessed by the UK assay offices. The assay office is the institute set up to test and certify precious metals. The hallmarks are 999, 750 and 375 for the 24k, 18k and 9k respectively.

Yellow gold maintains its warm lustre and colour and does not need any additional coating or surface protection unlike white gold. This stunning metal is guaranteed to offer you a wonderful engagement ring that lasts a lifetime.

The first documented evidence of a diamond ring given as a gesture of "will you marry me?" takes us right back to 1477, when Mary of Burgundy was gifted a yellow gold and diamond engagement ring by Archduke Maximilian of Austria. Over 500 years later, the tradition of using yellow gold for your engagement ring is still very much alive and well.

Whilst the use of yellow gold for jewellery can be traced back to the ancient Egyptians and beyond, pure gold is usually considered too soft for engagement rings at 24 karat. Because of this, it is mixed with alloy metals such as copper or silver to increase the durability, thus making it better suited for day to day wear as a diamond engagement ring.