How to clean your jewellery

Yes, diamonds are forever, but it is important to look after them!

Here are some tips to make sure your diamond stays in perfect condition:

  • Do not wear your diamond if you are doing rough work. Diamonds are extremely durable; however a hard blow along the grain can chip them.
  • Do not keep diamonds jumbled together loosely in a box. Remember diamonds can scratch other diamonds.
  • Avoid your jewellery coming into contact with chlorine bleach (often used in housework). Although this will not harm the diamond itself, bleach can discolour or pit the mounting.
  • Diamonds can be dulled by skin oils, cosmetics, soap and cooking oils or grease. Regular cleaning once a month is the best way to keep them at their brilliant best.

Clean diamonds reflect light better and actually look bigger than dirty ones. So regular cleaning is the key to keeping your diamonds in sparkling condition.

There are various recommended ways of cleaning your diamond, we’ve outlined a few of these below.

Professional Cleaning

This is the best option for keeping your diamond as clean as it can be. We recommend at least once a year having your diamond jewellery cleaned and checked by jewellery professionals to make sure there are no loose stones or any wear to the setting/claws.

Jewellery Cleaner

You can use liquid jewellery cleaner as long as you carefully follow the instructions. Try to choose a trusted brand if possible and read the reviews to ensure it is suitable for the type of jewellery you’re looking to clean.

Social Media Reward

We are happy to offer your first engagement ring clean and polish for free if you share imagery of your jewellery on Instagram using the hashtag #PurelyEngaged and tagging us @PurelyDiamonds. When you’re ready, let us know and we’ll do the rest.

Follow these instructions for an at-home remedy for cleaning your jewellery.


Bowl & Bubbles

Place your ring in a bowl of hot water with a small amount of washing up liquid.



Leave your ring to soak for approximately 20 minutes.


Clean & Brush

Use a SOFT bristled toothbrush and give it a brush – this will remove any dirt particles.


Rinse & Brush

Rinse and brush in clean water to remove any soap suds and residue.