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The versatility of our yellow gold diamond jewellery ensures all your dazzling requirements are met with this beautiful collection. Choose from diamond pendants, earrings and more, we'll help you find something magical from our yellow gold jewellery selection. Our award winning diamond jewellery has been made to order from our central London workshop for over 40 years. From bridal gifts to everyday diamonds, our yellow gold jewellery has been carefully curated to supply high quality diamond jewellery for all. Available to suit a variety of price ranges and budgets, look no further than our yellow gold diamond jewellery range.
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All our diamonds are naturally mined and ethically sourced
At Purely Diamonds, we believe in the magic of natural diamonds. Formed over billions of years and found naturally in the ground, these precious gems add to the story of your own diamond journey. We also make sure all our diamonds are conflict-free as the ethical mining and sourcing is very important to us.
If you're looking for lab-grown diamonds, get in touch with us for options.