Will my diamond be Certified?

Our natural diamonds are almost always graded by GIA. When selecting your own lab-grown diamonds, these are all certified by either GIA or IGI.

It is important when buying a diamond that it comes certificated by an independent certification board who will have tested, graded and certified your diamond through their specialist examination processes.

Your certification report is recognised proof of the 4 C’s of your diamond’s: Cut, Clarity, Colour and Carat weight as well as things like measurements and inscription information.

A diamond certificate means that all elements of the diamond you have purchased have been examined and rigorously tested by an unbiased and professional examination to authenticate the diamond’s attributes.

Please note, that from 1st January 2023, GIA will be moving newly certified diamonds to their digital dossier platform. Instead of a physical report, graded diamonds will be provided with a QR code. The digital reports can then be accessed by scanning the QR code or by entering the inscription number into GIA’s online report check. This digital move will make the diamond industry even more sustainable as well as removing the risk of lost certificates.

Diamond certification will be provided mainly by GIA but depending on the size, a few may be certificated by a local certification board.

Round Brilliant CutPrincess CutAll Other Shapes
> 0.25ct
All Specifications = GIA
≥ 0.30ct
All Specifications = GIA
≥ 0.40ct
All Specifications = GIA
≥ 0.25ct D-F VS2+ = GIA &
G VS2 D-G SI1 = Local Cert
0.25ct-0.29ct G SI1+
= Local Cert
= GIA/Local Cert
≤ 0.25ct H VS2/SI1 or D-H SI2
= Uncertified
≤ 0.25ct H SI1 or D-H SI2
= Uncertified
≤ 0.30ct
= Local Cert

For example, if you purchase for example a multi stone eternity ring where each stone is small, you will not receive a diamond certificate. This is standard across the industry, as diamonds of this size are never certified individually.

All items that carry a certification report are flagged as such on the product page. If your GIA diamond qualifies for a physical certificate, it will be included with your ring on delivery, if not, then a printed copy will be provided so you can access its digital dossier.