03. Diamond Education

  • Price Match Program

    At Purely Diamonds, we source your chosen diamonds from diamond manufacturers all around the world. Because we want to offer […]

  • Lab-Grown Diamonds

    What are Lab-Grown Diamonds? Laboratory-Grown diamonds, lab-grown or man-made diamonds are diamonds created in a laboratory setting with technology that […]

  • Conflict Free Diamonds

    All our diamonds are ethically sourced. Purely Diamonds only deal in conflict and cruelty free diamonds that come from legitimate […]

  • Will my diamond be Certified?

    Our natural diamonds are almost always graded by GIA. When selecting your own lab-grown diamonds, these are all certified by […]

  • Carat of a Diamond

    Carat is a measurement of weight for diamonds, not size as is sometimes mistakenly believed. Carat weight affects the price […]

  • Cut of a Diamond

    ‘Cut’ is considered to be the most important characteristic of a diamond. It refers to the angles and proportions created […]

  • Clarity of a Diamond

    Clarity is a measure of the size and number of imperfections, called ‘inclusions’, that occur naturally within a diamond. These […]

  • Colour of a Diamond

    A diamond can divide light in to a spectrum of colours (like a prism). Colour in a diamond acts like […]

  • A Guide To Diamond Shapes & Cuts

    When shopping for diamond jewellery, the first decision that is usually made is the shape of the diamond. Typically there […]

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