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Help Centre & Information

We have collated our most frequently asked questions that we find ourselves being asked by customers before and after placing their order. If you cannot find the answer to your question here, please get in contact with us and our expert team will be ready to assist.

What are 'The 4 Cs'?
18 Oct 2021

Every diamond is unique.  Experts use what are called 'The 4 Cs' to calculate the value of a diamond. The 4 Cs are Carat, Cut, Clarity and Colour. The combination of these 4 factors influences the value of a diamond.  To read more about each one of the 4 Cs select an option below. ......

A Guide To Diamond Shapes & Cuts
12 Sep 2021

div.kb-article-view h2 { margin-top: 0 !important; } When shopping for diamond jewellery, the first decision that is usually made is the shape of the diamond. Typically there are 10 shapes to choose from; from the most popular round shape, to what ......

Colour of a diamond
23 Oct 2021

A diamond can divide light in to a spectrum of colours (like a prism). Colour in a diamond acts like a filter and diminishes the spectrum of colours emitted. The less colour in the diamond, the better the colour grade. Grades of colour range from D, which is totally colourless, to Z, whic......

Clarity of a diamond
16 Sep 2021

Clarity is a measure of the size and number of imperfections, called 'inclusions', that occur naturally within a diamond. These inclusions are natural, and occur in all diamonds unless the diamond is graded 'flawless'. Flawless diamonds are extremel......

Cut of a diamond
11 Sep 2021

'Cut' is considered to be the most important characteristic of a diamond. It refers to the angles and proportions created when a rough diamond is transformed by a diamond cutter into its final polished state. The cut grade is a measure of how well light is reflected within a diamond, and i......

Carat of a diamond
20 Oct 2021

Carat is a measurement of weight for diamonds, not size as is sometimes mistakenly believed. Carat weight affects the price of a diamond more than any other of the 4 C’s. The greater the weight of the diamond the greater its value. One carat is the equivalent of 0.2grams. Carat is me......

Will my diamond be certified?
8 Oct 2021

Our diamonds are almost always graded by either IGI or GIA. All the certification companies we use are independent bodies that test, grade and certify your diamond through their specialist examination processes. Your certification report is recognised proof of the 4 C’s of your dia......

Conflict Free Diamonds Guaranteed at Purely Diamonds
11 Sep 2021

Purely Diamonds only deal in conflict and cruelty free diamonds that come from legitimate sources NOT involved in funding conflict. We’re strongly against conflict/blood diamonds and the damage they incur. We guarantee that......

Colour and Clarity explained
5 Oct 2021

Colour and Clarity are 2 elements of 'the 4 C’s' that experts use to calculate the value of a diamond. The less colour in a diamond, the better the colour grade and the fewer inclusions in a diamond, the better the clarity.  If you want to learn more about the colour and clarit......

What does 'carat weight' mean?
22 Sep 2021

'Carat Weight' refers to the weight of a diamond/gemstone. Of the '4 C's', carat weight affects the value of a diamond more than any other factor.  We try to display the carat weight as well as the size of the stone in millimetres on our product pages for your reference.  You sh......

What fluorescence grade are your diamonds?
2 Oct 2021

We only use stones with None, Very Slight, Slight or Faint Fluorescence. We don't use any diamonds with Medium-Very Strong fluorescence as standard, but if this is your preference you can request this when you place an order with us.  What is diamond fluorescence? Diamond fl......

What cut grade are your diamonds?
7 Oct 2021

All our round brilliant cut diamonds have a ‘Cut grade’ of Very Good (minimum). Our fancy cut stones such as princess cut, emerald cut, marquise etc, will have grades of at least Good+.  In the majority we use Very Good+ (Please note, that fancy cut stones do not generall......

Where do you source your diamonds from?
25 Sep 2021

We purchase most of our diamonds from suppliers in London, Israel and Antwerp (Belgium). We do have a small stock of diamonds here, but mostly we purchase diamonds as and when they are needed for each specific order.  We buy our diamonds already polished, and anything over 0.30ct we p......