Conflict Free Diamonds

All our diamonds are ethically sourced.

Purely Diamonds only deal in conflict and cruelty free diamonds that come from legitimate sources NOT involved in funding conflict.

We’re strongly against conflict/blood diamonds and the damage they incur.

We guarantee that all our diamonds are conflict free based on written guarantees from our suppliers and personal knowledge from within the diamond industry.

We can therefore ensure that the diamonds you choose to be set in our jewellery are not from any area of conflict and we support the peaceful resolution of any existing conflict in war-torn countries.

What is a conflict free diamond?

Conflict diamonds, or blood diamonds as they are sometimes known, are those that are mined and sold with the proceeds used to fund wars or terrorist activities. Many of these diamonds are mined in Africa and the issue came to the world’s attention in the 1990s with the media coverage attracted by the war in Sierra Leone.

Conflict free diamonds, also known as cruelty free or ethical diamonds strictly avoid any connection with war or terrorist groups.

When we purchase diamonds from diamond suppliers worldwide, they provide a written guarantee that the diamonds were not involved in funding conflict. All of our diamond suppliers follow the Kimberley Process.

What is the Kimberley Process?

The Kimberley Process is the system developed to guarantee or certify the conflict-free status of diamonds. Although the U. N. brought attention to the issues surrounding conflict diamonds, it was the diamond industry itself which took the needed steps to develop a process to certify the origin of diamonds.

In 2002, a new organisation was formed by the diamond industry, the World Diamond Council. This organisation established the specific procedures by which rough diamonds could be certified as originating from a non-conflict source. The plan was approved by the U. N. in 2002 and the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme was set in motion.

The Kimberley Process requires diamond shipments to only be imported and exported within countries that participate in the system. Uncertified rough diamond shipments cannot enter or leave a participating country’s borders. This ensures conflict diamonds do not enter the legitimate diamond supply market.

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