The Perfect Vow Renewal Rings

If you and your spouse are getting ready to renew your vows, it can be difficult to come up with ideas on what you can exchange during the ceremony instead of the wedding rings that you already have. Some couple use a vow renewal as a time to upgrade their original bridal set. Often, over the years, financial situations improve, making it more feasible to have a more expensive bridal set. If you are not interested in straying from your original set, however, there is another option.

Eternity rings are designed to represent the unending love a couple shares with each other throughout their relationship. They can also be used to signify the unending bond between a mother and her child if given as a gift when the child is born. Because of the first significance, eternity rings are often given as anniversary gifts. Eternity rings, however, also make the perfect ring to present to your wife during a vow renewal ceremony to show that after having been married to her already, your love for her is still unending.

If you do decide to give an eternity ring, there are several ways it can be worn. The most traditional way is to wear it on your ring finger along with your original engagement ring and wedding band. Some women, however, find this somewhat cumbersome and prefer other alternatives. An eternity ring can also be used to replace the original wedding band. Since most wedding bands are somewhat plain in design, the eternity ring will add a new sparkle and shine to the wedding set, giving it new life as you renew your wedding vows together. The third option is to wear the eternity ring on your right hand, separate from your bridal set. This is the preferable option when you neither want to wear three rings on one finger nor do you wish to give up any part of your original bridal set.

Regardless of which way you choose to wear eternity rings, using one to celebrate a renewal of vows is the perfect way to show that the love you had for each other the first time you said your vows is not only still going strong, but you plan on it lasting forever.

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